US Government Ignores the Plight of Iraqi Christians

The US government is clearly doing just about everything they can to lose this war, and help advance Islam. Back in January the The United States Treasury had taken all but one member of Hamas off the international list of terrorists. The reason for this was to enable EU funding for Gaza, which is run by Hamas. January is also the month that the State Department decided, to allow Tariq Ramadan into the country. In his first US speech he stated that “It’s time not to speak about integrating (Muslims)…”

On the flip side, Homeland Security which said that Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance, is trying to deport Mosab Hassan Yousef, the son of a Hamas leader who is trying to help us win this war.

Along with Mosab we now find out that the US is looking to deport some Christians back to Iraq, where they will be persecuted or killed. In early March Hillary Clinton scolded European countries for “discriminating” against Muslims. How about our government takes a stand from freedom, instead of Islam and stops discriminating against Christians? Of course with Islamophile Obama in charage, that will not happen.

State Department officials visit Detroit, discuss issues facing Iraqi refugees
By Natasha Dado

TROY and DEARBORN — U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of State in the Bureau of near Eastern Affairs Michael Corbin and the Deputy Assistant for Refugee Issues Larry Bartlett visited southeast Michigan this week with a focus on gathering information from the local Iraqi American community.

Their visit included a Town Hall meeting with Chaldean community in at the American Polish Cultural Center in Troy on Tuesday June 1 and a meeting with the Arab American community organized by the Arab Community Center for Economic and Social Services (ACCESS) at the Arab American National Museum on Wednesday, June 2.

According to U.S. Press Officer of Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs John Fleming, their trip’s purpose was to brief key groups on U.S. policy in Iraq and the progress the State Department is making in the areas of minority assistance as well as refugee and resettlement progress and visa and immigration assistance in both Michigan and Iraq.

Corbin, who has said he is dedicated to fostering a broad partnership between the United States and Iraq, made a similar visit to California in February where he spoke with key groups of the Arab and Chaldean American communities in the cities of Los Angeles, San Diego and El Cajon.

Chaldean concerns raised in Troy meeting
For many Christians in Iraq since the 2003 U.S. invasion, life has been a constant struggle to escape religious persecution and violence.

With that in mind, Iraqi Americans gathered at The Polish Cultural Center in Troy for a panel discussion on Tuesday, June 1 that focused on Christian persecution in Iraq and the growing concern over the deportation of Iraqi Americans.

Many of the Iraqi Americans fear that they will be killed for their religious beliefs if forced to go back to their home country.

One Iraqi Christian cried out loud, “What home? They want us to go home? We don’t have one, they destroyed the whole country.”

According to speaker Hameed Altai, a few extremists, not all, are killing Christians because they want their religion to be the only one practiced in Iraq.

“Christians (are being forced) to change their religion or they will face persecution unless they flee,” Altai said.

Altai believes Christians have to be appointed to serve as public officials when a future Iraqi government is established in order for their voices to be heard and their interests protected.

The crowd listened intently to the first part of the discussion but grew angry after State Department officials didn’t address what they deemed to be the key issues of deportation and the lack of safety among Chaldeans. One of the most important issues that Iraqi Chaldean community hope to
discuss with the U.S. officials was the pending deportation of several Chaldeans that have violated their visa stays in the U.S.

According to Sam Hermiz, a Chaldean who participated in the meeting, the chaos began as one woman stood up and asked why the issue was not on the agenda and not being discussed; soon after others began criticizing. The panel discussion quickly turned into a passionate indoor protest.

One Chaldean father who lost his son to violence in Iraq had to be restrained and removed from the hall.

The event was organized by Corbin in an effort to report the concerns of Iraqi Americans to federal officials in Washington, D.C.

Instead of discussing the slowly diminishing Christian presence of Iraq, Corbin and Bartlett focused mainly on refugees living in the U.S.

Corbin also said U.S. troops will withdraw from Iraq by the end of 2011, and that the U.S government plans to make security in that nation a top priority. Corbin believes America will work closely with Iraq to ensure a government where all religious and ethnic groups are fairly represented.

But according to Ramzi Noman, a Chaldean American in the audience, Iraq was much more secure and peaceful under Saddam Hussein’s regime.

Noman claims that he was never a Hussein supporter, but he said that Iraqi Christians were better off under his regime.

“Saddam did not raid and closed our businesses, kill our children, parents, priests, rape our women, or bomb our churches. He protected and loved Iraq’s Christians. We lived in peace under Saddam’s regime,” Noman said.

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  1. June 24, 2010 at 1:23 pm

    Dear Americans, you have heard it said that we are racists when we criticize Islamism. But is it racist, or is it fear of the Criminal Activity of Islamism?

    We Americans must learn to put the evil Muslims, not the few good Muslims, on the defensive. How do we put them on the defensive? We ask them to explain how we are racists when we fear the Criminal Activity of Islamism.

    The laws of Shariah are applied according to the strength of Muslims in a country. Some of the following crimes of Shariah follow:

    And what is the Criminal Activity of Islamism? Answer: Islamism deliberately tortures little girls. How? Islamism mutilates the genitals of little girls when it performs Female Genital Mutilation.

    Depraved Muslim male sex perverts force little girls as young as seven to “marry” them, and little girls suffer because of this brutality; after the so-called marriage, the depraved Muslim male sex perverts proceed to legally rape the little girls with impunity.

    Islamism stones women to death; hangs homosexuals; Depraved Muslim males practice polygamy which is tantamount to legalized adultery; women are relegated to second class status, even moms; little girls who try to escape depraved Muslim male sex perverts, who want to marry them in a forced marriage, are caught and then lashed; little girls who seek an education are murdered; apostates, who no longer wish to participate in Criminal Activity of Islamism, are murdered; daughters are killed in an Honor Killing; petty thieves have their hands, and feet chopped off and their eyes gouged out.

    Hypocrisy is legal in Islamism. Let me explain. Muslim male sex perverts are allowed to marry several playmates and have sex with them. The women are allowed to have only one mate. If the women “married” several mates, they would be stoned to death for “committing adultery.” This means that only depraved Muslim male sex perverts are allowed to commit adultery.

    Muslim males will prostate on the ground and uncouthly point their ugly hinders toward infidels passing by.

    Muslims are allowed to call infidels “pigs” and “monkeys.”

    Islamism allows Muslims to lie if it advances the criminality of Islamism. The biggest Muslim lie goes like this: “Islam is the religion of peace.”

    We must destroy the criminal activity of Islamism before the criminal activity of Islamism destroys us.

    • June 24, 2010 at 7:50 pm

      We should admonish arselifters for being kufirphobes.

      • aerialcat
        June 24, 2010 at 8:09 pm

        I like it; as in, “you are being kufirphobic” or “that is the argument of an intolerant kufirphobe”… just trying it out, thanks.

  2. arliss
    June 24, 2010 at 6:12 pm

    i told people before the war started that it was best to let sadam alone. the baaths were a deterrent to al quaeda and the islamic brotherhood. i knew this from personal experience when i was in hama, syria in 1982. no one was willing to listen to my argument because “they’re all the same”.
    i have no idea why bush invaded iraq. his own dad recommended against it when he said “and after sadam is gone then what?” go figure.

    • June 24, 2010 at 7:53 pm

      Depends on how you look at it. In hindsight it was a poor move. At the time, fighting al kaida in Iraq was probably easier than in the mountains of Afghanistan.

      • aerialcat
        June 25, 2010 at 11:02 am

        Reading 18 hrs. by Sandra Lee, account of Australian SAS working with the US 10th Mtn Div.
        in Afghanistan… nasty bit of business.

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