Persecuted Coptic Christian’s Plea to Obama for Help

Recently Albio Sires (D-NJ 13th congressional district.), released a statement addressing the persecution of the Coptic Christians. Today we learn that a 15 year-old girl from Egypt, has written to Obama asking him to address their ever worsening situation. Will Obama step up to the plate?

Christian in Egypt: ‘They Try to Kill Us’
January 26, 2010 – Dana Lewis
Egyptian Maher El-Gowhary and his 15 year old daughter Dina never pray twice at the same church, never stay longer than a month in any one apartment. They are constantly under threat, always on the run because they converted to Christianity in a largely Muslim country.

Maher and Dina nervously agreed to meet us at a Church in Cairo. The priest at the Church said he feared problems from the Egyptian authorities and while he agreed to have us watch his Sunday mass, the Priest declined to speak to us about what is happening in Egypt and to the El-Gowhary’s.

They tell their story out of fear and desperation. Born Muslims they chose to convert to the Christian Church after both claim they had religious visions.

Now Maher says “Muslims try to kill us, and will kill us if they find us.”

Several religious fatwas have been issued for “spilling his blood” after Maher asked an Egyptian Court to legally recognize his conversion, so he can one day be buried as a Christian and so his daughter won’t be forced into a marriage by her Muslim mother.

The court ruled a legal conversion to Christianity would threaten public order. His lawyer told us it’s a dangerous double standard because in Egypt a Christian can convert to the Muslim faith in a week, but a Muslim cannot convert to the Christian faith.

Ten percent of Egypt is Christian, largely the Coptic Christians who increasingly say they face daunting discrimination and even death.

We had to hide our camera as we followed the El-Gowhary’s because we were told if the authorities discovered we were preparing our story we would be arrested.

Religious tensions are running high in Egypt.

On January 6th, the Coptic Christmas eve, three Muslim men sprayed gunfire at a Church in Upper Egypt killing six Christians and wounding up to a dozen more. Christians rioted the next day and the area is still closed to outsiders including the press.

Human rights activist Hussein Bahjet say’s Egypt has the potential to become like Lebanon because of growing sectarian violence.

“Civil strife that could engulf the country” Bahjet says.

The U.S. State Department reports respect of religious freedom in Egypt is declining, Christians are denied Government jobs, Priests are threatened and harassed, Christians are increasingly attacks in what State describes as “a climate of impunity that encourages violence.”

In some cases authorities turn a blind eye to attacks on Christians, in other cases there is evidence police sparked the attacks.

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak has been largely silent about the problem, but this week he spoke out saying Egyptians must up-root “fanaticism and sectarianism, which threatens the unit of our nation.”

Dina has written a letter to President Obama which has been published on Christian websites. She has been pulled out of school. She has only a blue jean jacket to stay warm and little food to eat. Her letter was a desperate plea. “I wrote that we are a minority Christian Community treated very badly and I want to tell President Obama to tell the Egyptian Government to treat us well.”

Her father Mayer says he can’t stay in Egypt anymore. He and his daughter are in such grave danger we can’t report where they are in Egypt now, or where they are planning on moving tomorrow.

In recent days the two met with the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom in Cairo. They asked for refugee status to get out of Egypt.

A source at the Commission say’s its a complicated matter because Dina has a Muslim mother and there are legal issues, but their request is being considered.

The Commission source also says because of religious in Egypt, last year the State Department down graded Egypt to being on a watch list. This year it could potentially be downgraded further to a Country of particular concern. That means the U.S. might even consider sanctions against a Country which receives some 2 billion dollars in U.S. aid every year.

As I write this Dina and her father are packing, moving to another area of Egypt. Out of money. And running of out hope.

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28 comments for “Persecuted Coptic Christian’s Plea to Obama for Help

  1. Tonto
    January 27, 2010 at 5:40 am

    Everywhere you look in this world it seems, some muzleem pukes are doing something dirty to innocent people. I think islam is pure shit and should be stamped out….with EXTREME PREDJUDICE. I'd like to see an "Open Season" on those pricks.

  2. Ron
    January 27, 2010 at 5:56 am

    2 billion we're paying to have our guts hated by 80 million egyptians. Three cheers for …..something.

    • January 27, 2010 at 5:59 am

      We are the suckers of the world, and our government does not care what happens to Christians.

  3. Robin Shadowes
    January 27, 2010 at 8:58 am

    A clearsighted american soldier stationed in Iraq speaks out about the war in Iraq, jihad, muslims and the western reaction to it.

    You correctly assessed that we have not gained anything positive from our efforts in Iraq and that the nation is not our ally. (The same is true for Afghanistan.) I will go as far as saying that the Iraqis are our enemies—enemies better equipped to wage jihad against us than they have ever been. We will regret what we have done. We will regret that we created this officially Islamic nation. And we will regret that we created an officially Islamic Afghanistan. We will regret that we have placed ourselves in the service of Islam, waging jihad worldwide as we advance the Religion of Peace and eliminate Christians in the process. (So much for the accusation that the U.S. is on a “Crusade.”) It is a shame that so many people refuse to recognize how horrible Islam is, and that the U.S. made a fatal mistake when it refused to declare war against Afghanistan and Islam—when it refused victory by binding the greatest military force of all time.

  4. January 27, 2010 at 8:59 am

    Obamination, being a Muslim, cares very deeply what happens to Christians; he wants to see us murdered by Muslims.

    No way in Hell will he come to the aid of those Copts. It ain't gonna happen.

    It is not possible to establish and enforce global human rights without eliminating Islam from the face of the earth.

  5. CGW
    January 27, 2010 at 2:59 pm

    Christopher: Please check out my comment from yesterday's Germany article and contact me. I'm worried about the integrity of your site as the survey popped up right after I made my comment. I though you had approved it so I gave tyhem my banking information.

    • January 27, 2010 at 6:36 pm

      HI CGW,

      I responded to your comment yesterday, I am not sure which ad you are talking though.

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