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Comic Book Death Threats

In this short post we are going to take a lighter approach to the very serious threat of Islam and speaking out against it. Sure I have gotten plenty of death threats in past.

California: Muslims Look to Double Up Mosque

I truly enjoy bringing my teammates articles that are about victories over Islam no matter where they take place on the planet. I also feel it is my duty to report the bad news on threat Islam as well in order to keep us up to date on the issue.

Mali: The Declining Grand Mosque of Djenné Africa

While I woke up to a beautiful Sunday morning here in NY, things are not going so well for the historic Islamic “learning” center in Mali Djenne Africa. Which thankfully includes a major drop in tourism to the The Grand Mosque of Djenné.

India: Muslims are Losing Political Power

Do you remember what I said Muslims have turned the freedoms of non-Islamic countries into tools of Islam? Well the way to combat that in the short term is to be as assertive (excluding the violence of course) as they are and take a stand for life as you know it.

France: “Islamophobia” Alert ~ Muslims on the Move

That should say moving out. Which means today we as non-Muslims get to celebrate another small but growing victory. One that shows that some Muslims can’t take the heat. Unable to deal with Islam being criticized.

Biden Betrays America ~ Opens the Door for 25K “Migrants” Banned Under Trump

Unfortunately after bringing Logan’s Warning readers over a weeks worth of good news in regards to the threat of Islam, now I have to report some bad Biden news. Despite the fact that Muslims in America have recently turned on Traitor Joe, his administration has opened the door for 25K migrants….

“Islamophobia” is Working ~ For Us

Do you ever feel alone when you speak out against Islam? If so I understand, but do not fret because what you are doing is working and I have proof of it.

Hypocrisy Alert ~ the UK’s Musa Adnan

Muslim propagandists are the “salespersons” for Islam, and like a shady salesperson they will say anything in order to make what they are “selling’ sound like a great deal. Which leads me to the old adage.