India: Muslims are Losing Political Power

Do you remember what I said Muslims have turned the freedoms of non-Islamic countries into tools of Islam? Well the way to combat that in the short term is to be as assertive (excluding the violence of course) as they are and take a stand for life as you know it. One way to do so is to bravely speak out against having Muslims in positions of power. Which is exactly what India’s Prime Minister Modi has been doing. Something that is having obvious positive results.

India’s parliament sees fewer Muslims as the strength of Modi’s party grows

MALAPPURAM, India (AP) — Preventing Muslim migrants from gaining citizenship. Revoking the semi-autonomy of the country’s only Muslim-majority region. Building a Hindu temple where a violent mob razed a mosque.

These were political triumphs for Prime Minister Narendra Modi over the past decade, burnishing his reputation as a leader who prioritizes the interests of India’s Hindu majority. For India’s 200 million Muslims, they highlight their waning political power in the world’s largest democracy.

Do you remember when I said that political actions against Muslims are the way to defeat Islam? Not granting them citizenship certainly weakens the Muslim community.

Tensions between Hindus and Muslims in India are not new, but they have gotten worse under Modi, whose ruling Bharatiya Janata Party touts a Hindu-nationalist ideology. And with Modi seemingly on the cusp of a third five-year term, the outlook for Muslim politicians — and citizens — is bleak. This year’s vote will be decided in June.

Muslims are in conflicts across the world in non-Islamic countries. Making them the problem. Clearly showing us that the liberal fantasy that “all cultures mix” is just that. A fantasy.

It’s not just that Modi has ramped up anti-Muslim rhetoric in campaign speeches. Ever since the BJP began its rise as a political force in the mid-1980s, the proportion of Muslim lawmakers in parliament and state legislatures has shrunk.

Considering the fact that Muslims are the ones who are selfishly changing non-Islamic countries to suit Islam why should non-Muslims be pro-Muslim? Doing so just doesn’t make sense. Unless of course you are a self-loathing liberal.

Muslim representation has fallen in the ruling BJP, and in opposition parties, too.

When Modi assumed power in 2014, the outgoing parliament had 30 Muslim lawmakers — and just one was a member of the BJP. Muslims now hold 25 out of 543 seats, and none belong to the BJP.

Hopefully more non-Muslim Indians will wake up and vote against having Muslim in office as well. Fight vote for vote.

India has gone from being a country where Muslims were largely marginalized to one where they are “actively excluded,” said Ali Khan Mahmudabad, a political scientist and historian at New Delhi’s Ashoka University.

“Without representation, you are unable to ask the state for resources and articulate the kind of needs the community has in order to progress, whether its education, jobs, health or basic infrastructure,” Mahmudabad said.

It might sound harsh but excluding them actually equates to not allowing Muslims to have power over you as a non-Muslim. Which leads me to the following fact.


Under Modi’s decade in power, the BJP has enacted or proposed various laws that Muslim leaders consider discriminatory.

  • Some states ruled by the BJP passed laws restricting interfaith marriage as a way to address what they claim is the threat posed by Hindu women marrying Muslim men and then converting.
  • One state formerly ruled by the BJP banned girls from wearing hijabs in school. (The law was reversed after the BJP lost political control.)
  • The BJP is advocating a common legal code that would affect some religious practices, by changing some laws in India’s constitution that deal with matters ranging from marriage to divorce and inheritance.

Islam discriminates against non-Muslims. Yet I don’t see Muslims complaining about that.


But when political parties don’t field enough Muslims, issues important to them — from minority rights to hate speech — hardly ever get debated in the parliament, said Muhammad Saad, a cab driver in New Delhi who is Muslim.

“If there are no Muslims in the parliament, who will raise the voice for us?” Saad questioned.

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And that is the idea! If you want Islam, Pakistan is right next door.

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