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Loving it! Republicans Speak out Against the Muslim Political Movement

This sure is great news to wake up to my friends. As we finally have some of our elected officials recognizing what I have been telling the public for years now. That Muslims are here to takeover and have successfully turned our freedoms into political tools of Islam. Just as they have in the UK.

Islam is “Against” Lying Until it Isn’t

Sure some people are converting to Islam and right now I will tell you one of the main reasons for it. It is because Muslims who practice dawah (proselytizing) do so with deception and lies.

UK: Muslims Attempt to Politically Strong-arm the Labour Party

Yesterday I posted an article which documented the fact that the UK’s Labour Party was pathetically on their hands and knees bowing to Muslims in the UK. In turn Muslims came up with an 18 point list of Islamic demands for Labour. Shocking…

UK: Labour Party Vows to Empower Muslims

I have said it over and over. That mankind’s greatest quest is the quest for power. Many times at all costs. Which includes the UK’s Labour Party and their vow to empower Muslims. The same Muslims who are selfishly changing the UK to suit Islam.

Dr. Sabeel Ahmed Preys on Elderly Woman

If you are new to Logan’s Warning and do not know who Dr. Sabeel Ahmed of Gain Peace is, he is a prominent Muslim propagandist who runs Mosque open houses.

New Ghostbusters: We Want to Portray Muslims “Truthfully”

Did the Hollywood screenwriters of the new Ghostbusters really want to portray Muslims truthfully or did they want a Muslim “consultant” to tell them what they wanted to hear? Desperately wanting to hear that Islam is a religion of peace and Mohammad was a great example for all for mankind.

Once again Mufti Menk Shows that he Lied to me

For those who do not know years ago I had a quick online conversation with the world renowned Mufti Menk. A conversation in which he implied that Islam did not allow child marriages.

Attempted Hacking of Logan’s Warning

Good afternoon friends. Apparently one of my foes is not happy with my constant exposure of Islam. An exposure that clearly shows that Islam is a major threat to non-Muslims.