Kurdistan: Court Tells Christian Woman to Convert to Islam

Unlike so called “historian” Daniel Pipes of the Middle East Forum, and Rebel News I don’t believe there are “good Muslims”. I believe that they all do their part to empower Islamic expansion. Which according to the Koran can be done through non-violent actions as well as through violent actions.

Which is why I don’t believe that we should be aiding Muslims in anyway. What I do believe is that freeing Iraq from the iron hand of Saddam Hussein was a huge favor though. One they didn’t appreciate at all.

Iraqi court tells Christian woman to convert to Islam

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – A Christian woman whose mother converted to Islam when she was 15 was told by Iraqi authorities that she and her children should also convert. 

Iraq’s Personal Status Law, passed in 1959, stipulates that if a parent converts to Islam, their children who are under 18 should also adopt the new faith.

So much for Iraqi freedom.


“When I wanted to obtain my national ID card. They told me that my mother is Muslim and therefore I have to go to court,” she said.

Sami Patros, Joseph’s husband, said the regulation affects their entire family. 

At the national ID card office, “they said your mother-in-law had converted to Islam and therefore they said your wife should become Muslim, too. This also applies to my children, their religion should be changed from Christianity to Islam,” he said.

Akram Mikhail, a lawyer who has represented many Christian cases in the courts, said he has seen many cases similar to Joseph’s and he believes the law contradicts the tenets of Islam. 

“This forces someone to convert to Islam, with force. I am not an expert in Islam, but it is in Islam that one cannot force the religion onto others,” he said.

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Unfortunately Akram is uninformed on Islam and fell for the ole’ “there is no compulsion” in Islam Islamocon. Then there is the fact that coercion is a huge part of Islamic Law. Which is used in an attempt to pressure non-Muslims into converting to Islam.

Koran 9:29

Adding to the pressure to convert to Islam we will take a look at what the world renowned Tafsir (scholarly interpretation and explanation of the Koran) Ibn Kathir has to say on the issue.

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