Muslim in USA to LW: Law Enforcement Will Help me Find you, I’ll Drain Your Blood

Unfortunately the pattern continues with Muslims who think that Islam and Mohammad are beyond criticism. Freedom of speech not meaning a thing to them. Yet they turn around and use freedom of speech in an attempt to intimidate critics of Islam into silence.

Today’s lunatic for Allah is a GemStone of Clubhouse who thinks he can just demand respect. It doesn’t work that way though. At least not with me. Respect is to be earned, not demanded. After not bowing to his push for respect it took just few short conversations until he showed just how much peace Islam has truly brought to him.

For those who don’t know Rocco is someone Gem pals around with on Clubhouse. Listen to this short conversation in which they openly talk about hurting people. Rocco is the one speaking first.

In his rage GemStone also implies that two of his family members will aid him in his plot to murder me. (If they actually exist.)

The threats continue….

Gem continues with his foolishness and goes onto say he has shot people before, and that he breaks the law all the time.

Even mocking any attempts of law enforcement to stop him.

It sure is refreshing to see how much peace Islam has brought him. Watch your back critics of Islam. This is not a game.