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~Muslims Plan March On Washington To Support A United Shariah Of America!~

As expected, Muslims across the world have started to lock arms in their quest to impose Shariah Law (Islamic Law) on all. For the most part, Muslims in America had confined this call to their barracks…..,errr, I mean Mosques and Islamic conferences. Now, in a brazen display of united force, Muslims calling for the adoption of Shariah in this country plan to march near the White House on March 3rd. The leader of the pack is the U.K.’s Anjem Choudary, a Muslim cleric.

Do you Want to Preserve our Freedoms?

After doing some filming in an Islamic section of Brooklyn (will be published soon), I headed back to Manhattan and was walking around Rockefeller Center. Then all of a sudden it hit me just how great America is. Here are some of the freedoms that most of us take for granted.

The Fight Against Islamic Expansionism Continues!

Although I was offline for about a week because of another cyberattack, I have come back to some very good news. Recently we have read about non-Muslims in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Staten Island, and Tennessee, taking a stand against Islamic expansionism.

Today we learn that more of us have joined the fight. One new battle that has started is taking place in New Hyde Park Long Island, where Muslims of the Hillside Islamic Center are showing no respect for the residents in the area.

Lets Lock Arms and Fight Islam Together! Your Help is Needed

As most of you know I recently moved back to NY. One of the reasons that I moved back is to do my own reporting, as there is an endless list of political meetings and rallies to attend. What I see in the MSM does not cut it. How many times have we seen a reporter say nothing more than “thank you”, after a Muslim states that Islam has nothing to do with terrorism? Apparently most reporters do not have the knowledge, or courage to ask the tough questions about Islam. I have no problem with speaking the truth about Islam, with Muslims and their supporters. Which can be seen in my “Back in the New York Grove: My First Encounter With Muslims in NY” article. This morning I was informed that the New York Daily news had omitted all of my quotes in an article about a proposed Mosque in Sheepshead Bay Brooklyn. We cannot rely on the media to help in this fight. So we have to take matters into our hands.

Brooklyn NY: Muslims Building Mosque on Residential Block~ Protests Coming up!

There is an obvious surge in Mosque construction, and Mosque proposals across America. This time the battle is taking place in Brooklyn NY, where Muslims are trying to build a Mosque on a residential block.

4) Neighborhood character. The site of the new construction used to be a private residence where an elderly couple lived for many years. Replacing this two story building with a structure meant to accommodate dozens if not hundreds of people will completely change the block and the neighborhood. There are no houses taller than 2 stories on either side of the street; every house is a one family residence. The neighborhood residents are mostly of Italian/Russian/Jewish/Irish decent and will not benefit from having a mosque and a Muslim community center. Some neighbors expressed security concerns as well as concerns about increased (again) traffic, noise and decreased parking associated with greater than before police presence.

Reviving the Islamic Spirit~ US Convention~ Video

Islamic conferences are popping up across the West,, a top ranked Islamic website is calling for the final jihad, Muslims are preaching for Sharia right on the streets of NY, Muslims are dominating parts of the Netherlands, Sweden and the UK, etc. These are just some examples of how Muslims are uniting, and slowly taking over the West. Now the Reviving The Islamic Spirit convention, is coming to Long Beach California at the end of this month.

Obama’s Destroy America Agenda Continues: No Offshore Drilling While he’s in Office

In past articles on this site, I have pointed out that Obama is clearly supporting our enemies. A few of these articles are “Obama to Give $40 Million to Hamas run Organization”, “US Terror Blacklist Whitewashes Hamas, Enables Funding”, “Obama Welcomes Islamic Terrorist Into America”, and “Obama/Gates: We Recognize the Taliban”. I and many others who deal in reality have stated that Obama is an enemy of America as we know it, and he wants to destroy it. Obama as proven this once again.