Lunatic for Allah Slanders and runs From Debate ~ Audio


For those who are new to Logan’s Warning my two main objectives here are to expose the Muslim mindset and the threat of Islam itself. This article will focus on the former. The Muslim mindset. Which is a mindset of lies and deceit, and there is no better subject matter on this than Clubhouse’s Luton Azad Kashmiri 2.0. A lying lunatic for Allah who resides in the UK. One who runs his mouth and then runs from discussing Islam with me. #coward

The room information.

Listen to this recent “conversation” with him on Clubhouse and you will see what I mean. I let it play until the end in order to prove he would not discuss Islam with me. It’s that vile!

At about the midpoint of the recording I had left the room because I had heard enough of his usual lunacy. Then I decided to go back in order to see if he was foolish enough to have the replays on. Which he did. Because he is too stupid to realize how stupid he is. My useful idiot.