UK Race Baiting Muslim Quisling Convert Attempts to Mislead the Public on Islam

Good afternoon friends. If you have read my last two articles you know that they were about a UK quisling convert named Paul Williams. A convert who praises martyrdom and the Muslim leader of the Armenian Massacres. Unfortunately today I have to expose another UK quisling convert. One who goes by the moniker “Dowie the White Muslim Fella. Essa“. Exposing the two of them clearly proves one of my points. Which is that Islam is a two-tier threat. The first being the obvious threat of violent jihadists. The second being the less obvious one. The threat of stealth jihad. Which includes the 24/7 information war we are in with Muslims.

Onto Dowie, the misinformer for Allah.

In the short video you will see that Dowie implies that Muslims are allowed to have non-Muslims friends. Now let’s see what the Islamic scriptures have to say on the issue.

Koran 5:51

From the world renowned Tafsir (Scholarly interpretation and explanation of the Koran) Ibn Kathir.

So is Dowie the convert ignorant on Islam? Or lying as instructed to? Either way he is part of the problem.