London Holds Muslim Golf Day

While this event might seem benign to most people it is certainly part of the malignant spread of the cancer of Islam. The reason being is that it creates an illusion that “normalizes” Islam in the UK. While getting non-Muslims to respect aspects of Islamic Law.

Manchester Hosts Muslim Golf Day

A golf club in Manchester will host a “Muslim Golf Day” on Friday, May 28, inviting golfers from Manchester, London, and Scotland to participate in the special interfaith event.

The event is organized by the Muslim Golf Association (MGA), a dedicated golfing platform that caters to Muslim golfers.

Hosted at Worsley Park Golf Club, Friday’s event is not limited to Muslim golfers as non-Muslims are also invited to take part.

“I’ve been fortunate to go to a lot of golf clubs and I noticed that as a brown face, you weren’t always welcome,” Amir Malik, 37, the founder of MGA, told Manchester Evening News.

“Also, I found that I couldn’t get involved in the social scene in terms of sitting and drinking alcohol at a bar and when it came to praying, you almost had to go hide and pray.

As a reminder I will explain that Islam is a two-tier threat. The first being the obvious threat of violent jihadists. The second being the threat of stealth jihad, or what I call insidious Islam. Which is how Muslims use the freedoms of the West against the West in order to usher in aspects of Sharia Law.

Islamic Values

The day will run on Islamic values, offering only halal food. No alcohol or gambling will be allowed during the day which will see prayer arrangements for golfers.

The tournament will mark the first of three tournaments in the MGA’s Race to Arden sponsored by READ Foundation.

Following the event at Worsley Park GC, the circuit will move onto The Shire in London before concluding at the Forest of Arden in Birmingham.

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Islamic values? Does that mean there will be child brides and sex slaves at the event!? Unfortunately the Islamicide of the UK continues.

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