India: Some Colleges Say Lose the Hijab or Get out!

While this action might sound cruel to those new to the subject of Islam. It’s not. In fact its an applauded attempt at cultural survival. Because there is more to the story then the Muslima in the following video tells us. Much more.

Please note that this is a shortened version of the video.

UDIPI, India, Feb 12 (Reuters) – Ayesha Imthiaz, a devout Indian Muslim who considers wearing a hijab an expression of devotion to the Prophet Mohammad, says a move by her college to expel hijab-wearing girls is an insult that will force her to chose between religion and education.

“The humiliation of being asked to leave my classroom for wearing a head scarf by college officials has shaken my core belief,” said the 21-year-old student from southern Karnataka’s Udupi district, where protests over the head covering ban began.

“My religion has been questioned and insulted by a place which I had considered as a temple of education,” she told Reuters.

Yes the Koran verse 33:59 (Command of the Hijab) mandates that Muslimas wear the hijab. What she does not mention is one of the reasons why it is mandated.

From the world renowned Tafsir (Scholarly interpretation and explanation of the Koran.) Ibn Kathir.

As you see the explanation of the verse states that Muslim women are to wear it in order to distinct themselves from the women of Jahiliyyah and slave women.

Jahiliyyah (Oxford Islamic Studies Online)

Pre-Islamic period, or “ignorance” of monotheism and divine law. In current use, refers to secular modernity, for example in the work of Abu al-Ala Mawdudi , who viewed modernity as the “new jahiliyyah.” Sayyid Qutb interpreted jahiliyyah as the domination of humans over humans, rather than submission of humans to God. The term denotes any government system, ideology, or institution based on values other than those referring to God. To correct this situation, such thinkers propose the implementation of Islamic law, values, and principles. Radical groups justify militant actions against secular regimes in terms of jihad against jahiliyyah.

In other words those who don’t wear one are ignorant. Yet she implies she is against insulting people. Apparently it’s only wrong when Islam is “insulted”.

“It is more like telling us you chose between your religion or education, that’s a wrong thing,” she said after studying for five years at the Mahatma Gandhi Memorial college in Udupi.

Actually it is the right thing. Because it is clear that non-Muslims to the fact that Muslims are not there to a assimilate but to dominate as the Koran calls for.


The stand-off has increased fear and anger among minority Muslims, who say the country’s constitution grants them the freedom to wear what they want. Protests over the ban have escalated, with hundreds demonstrating this month in Kolkata and Chennai.

Last week, a judge at the state’s high court referred petitions challenging the ban to a larger panel.

The issue is being closely watched internationally as a test of religious freedom guaranteed by the Indian Constitution.

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Therein lies the problem…..