“Religion of Peace” Threat of the day…

One thing I will give the demons for Allah is that they don’t take a day off. Unfortunately for them, I don’t give a damn what they want and will continue to expose their ideology of hatred and perversion. Islam.

That holiday greeting was left for me yesterday in the comment section of one of my videos on Sharia Sarsour, AKA Muslim activist Linda Sarsour. Apparently Aero thinks it is a phobia to oppose child marriages, Koran 65:4, as per the world renowned Tafsir Ibn Kathir, and first cousin marriages. Koran 4:23.

Notice how it does not say that first cousin marriages are prohibited.

The Corona virus? That is not where the main focus should be. Because the world has a much more serious pandemic on its hands, and it’s called Islam. Which is clearly a severe mental disorder. Aero here is in need of serious mental help.