The Prime Minister of Pakistan is Stricken With Alethophobia!

Aarrrrgh…. Muslims run for your lives! The affliction is spreading like wildfire!

Hat tip on the article to the Croatian Wonder Woman.

Pakistan PM Imran Khan urges the Muslim world to unite and use trade boycotts to force the West to pass blasphemy laws to protect the Prophet

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan has boasted that his plan for Muslim-majority countries to unite and force Western governments to criminalise insulting the Prophet Mohammed will work.  

The 68-year-old leader said lobbying Western nations, the EU and UN to adopt blasphemy laws with a warning of a trade boycott if they do not do so will be ‘effective’ in achieving their goal.

He said leaders of Muslim-majority countries should call on the West to ‘stop hurting the feelings’ of Muslims across the world with their current freedom of speech laws, reports Pakistani newspaper Dawn

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  1. Unlike so called experts such as Pamela Geller of the Geller Report, and Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch I have been warning the world to the dangers of empowering Muslims in any way shape or form. Because I knew it would just be a matter of time until they united against the Western hand that fed them. Being how much knowledge they seem to have on Islam I would think that they would be on the same page as me here. Especially considering the fact that the Koran instructs Muslims not to call for peace when they have the upper hand. Which is obviously what Imran Khan believes Muslims have now.

Koran 47:35

2. Those who follow this subject know that this Islamic powerplay also involves Muslims using the shutdown term “Islamophobia“. Implying that one has mental issues for criticizing Islam. When in fact it is the Muslims who are suffering from a serious condition. One known, as the little known, alethophobia.

3. The perfect counter to “Islamophobia“. Let is spread like wildfire!



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