Muslim Maniac Takes a Stand for Child Marriages & Threatens to Kill Me

In case you did not notice there has been on an on going war with Islam for 1400 years and it is not always a violent war. Today is a reminder of how things can quickly escalate though.

As you can see this guy is too insane to see how insane he is. He is also very ignorant as well. Because he can take his pick on the articles of the potential damage child marriages cause.

He is also a degenerate to think it is OK for a child to have sex. Then again “Prophet” Pervert Mohammad thought it was OK as well.

Like I said he is clearly not too bright. Not even smart enough to see how I use Muslims in order to exposed their diseased minds. Which is exactly why I take the time to talk to them.

Yes he was running his mouth as he was hiding behind a fake name and there is nothing to talk out because I will never respect his views and Islam. Only those who stand for nothing would. That is not me.

Yes another person who left a comment had a clear hatred for America and US Troops. So I said go fight them. Not my problem.

No I don’t want to do anything to him. I got what I wanted out of him. He is just too stupid to see it. My useful idiot. Onto the next one……