The UK’s “Moderate” Muslim Poster Boy Maajid Nawaz Pulls a Muslim Houdini….

poofIf someone would ask me what my niche is in the anti-Islam campaign, I would have to say it is me exposing the fraudulent “moderate” Islam campaign. Something I obviously believe is integral to us winning the war with Islam. Because we cannot rely on the media on this issue. They just do not have it in them to ask these so called saviors of Western Civilization, the tough questions that are needed to expose how they mislead the public on Islam itself.

In America we have the media’s darling, and “moderate” Muslim poster boy Dr. Zuhdi Jasser. A man who for some reason shields his first name from the public. That name being Mohamed.

Jasser new

The UK also has their own “moderate” Muslim poster boy. His name is Maajid Nawaz. One of the founders of the so called “moderate think tank”, The Quilliam Foundation.

nawaz new

While the media fawns all over them, those who know Islam know that both men are misleading the public on Islam. Besides those similarities, the two have something else in common.

Both cannot stand up to my questioning…

Jasser blocks NAI

Blocked by 3 UKs Maajid Nawaz

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