Muslims on the run #3….California’s Zaytuna College’s Sheikh Hamza Yusuf

Hamza Yusuf mugTonight we are going back to the Logan’s Warning Muslims on the run series, and the target is traitor to America, Sheikh Hamza Yusuf. Who is a co-founder of the insidious Zaytuna College (Sharia college) in Berkeley, California.

On Twitter Hamza had mentioned bringing “beauty” back into this world.

(Click on images to enlarge.)

Hamza Yusuf 1a

Being that he is an Islamic scholar, I asked him about the “beauty” of Islam….

Hamza Yusuf 1

Being that he is so busy trying to help Islam take over America from within, I kindly gave him plenty of time to respond…

time flying calender

But like many others, the Shiekh pulled a Muslim Houdini when confronted with pointblank facts on Islam.

Hamza Yusuf 2a

Not only do we see that he will not condemn those vile laws of Islam, he also shows that he is a clear traitor to Lady America, and another Muslim con man.

Hamza Yusuf 3

It is clear that Hamza stands with Sharia over the freedoms of America, but he needed to be called on his unsubstantiated claim.

Hamza Yusuf 4

As of now he still has not responded on his Twitter page. Being that he has over 44K followers, it sure is telling that he cannot even begin to defend his belief system….





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9 years ago

When Islam made some inroads in the West, Muslims started to think about world caliphate. What they failed to understand is that democracy is incompatible with Islam.

9 years ago
Reply to  Johan

Islam is the religion of Jesus and the religion of all the prophets. God is the author of the author. Look how the bible is explaining to you that this is the same message but the bible was changed, Asiah 29 12. Put the hatred aside because you have no idea what you are hating and think on the day resurrection what are you going to tell the Creator of all things because democracy and whatever issues you have with muslims none of that would be matter. what are you going to say to the Lord who give you health, eyes, hands,etc.. because if the human tries to count the blessing of God we can’t never account yet they are to proud to investigate His religion furthermore they are so busy to attack His religion. God give us choices (God sent us messenger Muhammud SAW) and it is the human choice to accept the message or deny it. If the human denies prophet muhammud (SAW), prophets before him were mocked at and they refuse their message( prophets moses, Jesus, Jonah, david,etc. Anyways if you follow Islam it is your own good if you refuse God does not need any of His creation. Ponder before it is too late . peace{:

Michael C
Michael C
9 years ago
Reply to  investigate

There is no hatred instructed in Christianity, so there is none to “put aside”. There IS hatred instructed in Islam, the ‘excellent pattern” of Koran 60:4, “between us and you animosity and hatred forever until you believe in Allah alone”, so please do not project.

You inform us, as Islam teaches, “the bible was changed”, but Allah himself instructed his Messenger:

“…if you are in doubt, [O Mohammed], then ask those who have been reading the Scripture before you.” Koran 10:94.

Allah is “the Greatest of Deceivers” Koran 3:54.

Michael C
Michael C
9 years ago

“ISNA represents perpetuity of Islam in America.”

ISNA is part of the Muslim Brotherhood (see “The Project”). Their
“General Strategic Goals” include:
“Using deception to mask intended goals”
“Destroying Western Civilization from within”

9 years ago

Bringing back ‘beauty’ into this world? Muslims have a strange idea of beauty. Several months ago in the square underneath Blogroll on Logan’s Warning, there was a news item stating that a Muslim doctor who worked at the Mayo Clinic, promoted female genital mutilation. He said ‘It is a beautiful thing for a woman to do for her husband’. This person must have been trained with all the objectivity of science, but put his superstition first. What is beautiful about turning women into nothing more than inflatable dolls?
The coward fled to Pakistan quite unable to do the ‘beautiful’ thing and come into the civilised world of the 21st century.

Brit in exile
Brit in exile
9 years ago
Reply to  emmi

Quote emmi : ” what is beautiful about turning women into nothing more than inflatable dolls” is a unique description of this barbaric practice!

Also frightening, as for many Muslim men it is beautiful, their dreams come true and then 4 of them if fortunate, divorcing them when they become menopausal ( if not long before if she is ” disobediet”) er…exchanging them I mean, for a fresh young 16 year old, or ….younger.

9 years ago
Reply to  Brit in exile

Very true.

9 years ago

Repulsive, even a dead wife, bacci boy, farm animal,or family pet will do. Sickos. However this goes back in time, when Sarah wanted Hagar and Ishmael out of Abraham’s camp,after witnessing Ishmael age 15? sodomizing Issak Age 5?, according to hebrew translation of the Torah.