I Have a Small Request

Hello everyone,
Recently I have started doing my own reporting by exposing Sharia Mosques in America, and by attending political rallies on the streets of NY.

Besides reporting on these events, I have been trying to engage in discourse with the with non-Muslims supporters of Islam, while exposing the misinformation Muslims are spreading at these events. Although some people are just unreachable, recently I have spoken to liberals who are taking a stand against Islam. Some have told me this site has helped them see the threat of Islam. The numbers are not as high as we need them to be, but it is a start. Muslims have a well funded 24/7 propaganda machine going, and for the sake of our families future generations we have no choice but to fight back, in what I like the call the information war.

I will continue to attend as many rallies, meetings, etc, on this issue as possible and I am even willing to show up at rallies of those that oppose us. I want to continue informing people about the internal threat of Islam, and the division it is causing in America. Issues the mainstream media will not touch. Besides up coming rallies, next week I will start visiting non-Islamic houses of worship, to distribute flyers and to talk to those in charge about this issue. This will serve two purposes. The first is that I can continue informing non-Muslims about the internal threat of Islam. The second being that we will also find out which non-Muslims are standing with Islam. I will be keeping a list, and posting it here. As well as providing as much video and audio as possible.

But I do need your help. I cannot go into all the details that I have planned, but I need to purchase some more electronic equipment. Such as a different kind of camera, and recording devices. Numerous Muslims who do not hide their hatred of non-Muslims, are well aware of my work. Some of them are the Islamic Awakening Forums, and the NY based Revolution Muslim group. This is beside the hatred that is coming from the Islamophiles of America. So I need to buy some security items, and I am also willing to travel out of state if the funding is available. I know times are tough, but if we lose this war nothing else happening will matter.

Donations of just $10 and up would greatly help our cause. If you are in a position to help out, please use the PayPal feature on the left hand side of the site.

Thank you,


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