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Staten Island: Church Sells out, Convent to Become a Mosque

The Mosque movement across America continues. Recently Muslims are trying to put up two at Ground Zero, and just days ago they scored a victory in Wisconsin. When it comes to Islam, our freedoms hurt us, and Christians selling out to a religion that calls for the ultimate destruction of Christianity, is inexcusable in my book.

Mass: Governor to Hold Massive Mosque Meeting With 1000 Muslims

I have stated over and over, that Islam is a two-tier threat. One being violent Muslims, the other is the political aspect of Islam. The political threat of Islam, is an even bigger threat to life as we know it, than potential suicide bombers. Governor Patrick is meeting with them, and they are coming with a list of demands. A list that will be never ending. Lets face it guys, Muslims are here to takeover, and our Constitution is not protecting us from Islam, it is actually enabling it. The rules need to change, or America will continue to change to suit Islam.

UPDATE Wisconsin: Board Gives Conditional Approval for Mosque~ Video

UPDATE: Wisconsin Board Gives Conditional Approval for Mosque~ Video

While we are heading for a huge showdown with the proposed Ground Zero mega-Mosque, we have taken it on the chin tonight. The other day, I posted an article stating that the Plan Commission had approved the Mosque proposal. So the next step was the town board. As promised, I called the board chairman Mr.Gartman earlier today, and spoke to who was most likely his wife. I kindly stated what my interest was, and she said that he was not around, but she would take my number, and have him call me back. I gave her my number, and then asked for Mr.Gartman’s email address to send him some information. She replied that she could not give me his email address. I said thank you, and hung up. I never received a call back, and now we see the result of tonight’s meeting. Maybe he already had his mind made up. On to the next fight, my friends.

Watch how the Muslim clearly uses our Constitution against us.

Plans for 2nd Ground Zero Mosque in Advanced Stages

Trying to build a 100,000 square foot, mega-Mosque at Ground Zero is not enough for Muslims. They want the presence of Islam felt all around us, and they do not care if we like it or not. Freedom of religion with Islam = freedom for them to takeover. After the Barbary Coast Wars, it should of been banned. Now the enemy is within.

Wisconsin: Plan Commission Approves New Mosque

When it comes to Islam our Constitution is not protecting us, so we have to try and protect ourselves. To do this we must continue to educate our fellow countrymen, to the rising threat of the Islamization of America. Another Mosque is getting set to rise in America, and this time the target is Wisconsin. Only one more step is needed, and that is the approval by the Town of Wilson’s next board meeting, which is in two days. Please give them a call, or send them an email, and warn them of the true threat of Islam. The contact information can be found HERE.

100,000 Square Foot Ground Zero Islamic Center Gets Approval!

First of all, this project is complete sign of disrespect by Muslims, but they are only concerned with advancing Islam. They can preach the Islam is peaceful line, all they want. It is just not true. Secondly, the board members that unanimously approved the Islamic center, are obviously uninformed on Islam. I guess that it would of been too much trouble for them, to do some actual research on the issue. We have to continue to educate, or Muslims will continue to destroy the West from within. It is up to us!

Mosque Plan Axed After UK Church Pressure!

In this update to the “UK Fighting Back! Churches Oppose Mosque Construction” story, we see what can be done when the Church takes a strong stand to protect life as we know it for our families future generations. Muslims have mastered how to use our freedoms against us to advance Islam, but we have them vastly outnumbered in the West, and have to play the same game to defeat them. If we continue to speak out and build our numbers, we will defeat them!

O.C. Islamic Educational Center a Target of Anti-Muslim Acts

To be honest actions like this only hurt non-Muslims in this war. Now CAIR will complain more, and our authorities will be even more afraid to confront the Islamic community. We need to continue educating our fellow Americans to this threat, until we have the numbers to force our politicians to take a stand. Short term thinking like this vandalism is not the answer.