UPDATE~ Podcast Available: Logan’s Warning on Audrey Russo’s Changing World Views ~ REELTalk Radio!

RadioHello friends and foes! In keeping with my promise to reach a broader audience, I  just wanted to inform you that I am honored to announce, that I will be on the Audacious Audrey Russo’s REELTalk Radio Show later this evening!

Points of interest that we will be discussing are the following:

-why you started your site

-some basic questions about the lie of ‘Radical Islam’

-Share about Obama & MPAC

-the NY Muslim Rapper encounter

-the EDL in the UK

-Turkey & NATO

-Halal carts in NYC

I will be calling in at 6:25 PM EST. The show can be listened to live by clicking HERE, and the call in number 1-424-222-5360. I would love for some of my Muslim “fans” to call in….




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9 years ago

I hope you can get the point across about the neoliberals/Marxist enablers of Islam into our westernised countries. And how people who believe in Socialism have been brainwashed into believing anarchy is the way forward for a better future. In the UK and the US I believe Common Purpose has infiltrated almost all our public bodies and that the Bilderberg Group amongst others i.e.Vatican, Jesuits, international Bankers, corporate monsters etc are among the movers and shakers.

Tommy Hunt
9 years ago
Reply to  admin

Exactly. I don’t worry about the Moslems anymore. The real hurtle to winning this war on Islam are the dhimmi Westerners who are wearing holes through the knees of their pants bowing to these bullies. It’s unbelievable.

Good show with Audrey Chris! I didn’t know about all the halal food carts on the streets of NYC. Aren’t New Yorkers at least concerned about food poisoning? Yikes! No, I wouldn’t give them a dime either. Some of that money is probably going to jihad.

9 years ago

Well I listened to Mr. Logan on Audrey Russo’s Changing World View until 1/4 to 3 am.It was time well spent.At times I thought I was listening to Bobby Kennedy with his Boston Accent. In this case it probably was jiddish New Yorker. Again Mr. Logan emphazised the need for action or soldiers on the ground if you will, who will help sound the alarm about the threat of advancing Sharia at this 11th hour. Thank you for your profound efforts and courage Mr.Logan and please be on guard.