Logans Warning Update~ Radio Documentary Interview

Hi guys, I just wanted to let you know that Tuesday night I was interviewed by German author and journalist Thilo Guschas. It was for a radio documentary entitled “USAllah”. The subject being Muslims in America. The show will be aired in March on four stations in Germany, one of them being Deutschlandfunk. Thilo who is a very nice guy, has promised not to edit me out, like the Daily News did. When I get the MP3, I will post it here. Now back to posting…



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Robin Shadowes
Robin Shadowes
11 years ago

An incident from a maternity ward in Malmö recently.

… You do not think after, it will get a normalized state with the consistency of future adverse changes in the wake of the completed multiculturalism policy.
But before I talk about it (anyway for the country I once grew up in) unlikely witness description I heard from a close acquaintance, some second thoughts.

Examples include noting the increasingly frequent occurrence of high iron fence around more housing in Malmö. In the case of Owl Street told a local resident there for me, that their may arise from the insecurity that come with frequent shootouts & Gangster settlements as they are now forced to live in their neighborhood, and associated criminal damage.

Is this street scene we have to get used henceforth?
Edit: Link tip on the same theme: http://somjagserdet68.wordpress.com/bilder-fran-malmo/

Furthermore, even a week of Apples Kindergarten decided to move their operations because of the now untenable situation in their current neighborhoods around Rasmus Street: http://politisktinkorrekt.info/2010/10/05/applets-forskola-i-malmo-tvingas-flytta/

Others who have adapted to the new “we like different” climate, the newly renovated emergency department at Malmö University Hospital, has taken the opportunity to install bulletproof glass in its entrance (just think what good we have it now, .. when I was little, they had not advice with bulletproof glass at the hospitals, right?).
It turned out anyway probably be an informed investment, not least in view of the event on the BB the other week (a brand new title that now probably regret that it was not as proactive as their title next door).

The event can be read about in the media here:

None of the articles describing the incident, however, nearly as serious as this weekend I got it told to me by a common close friend of the victim midwife. The following description is that I heard it, .. therefore, to possible distortions that can arise in “mouth to mouth” method:

Current midwives responded to about 6 visitors to an inmate at BB gathered in the ward, despite the current rule that max 2x per inmate is the limit, to keep the level of calm that the business & the pickled need. These visitors were present at the time of the break room, where they entrenched themselves generously of coffee with accessories, without paying for itself as indicated.

Midwife X, a woman complains that a colleague which although not dare to act when she feels society’s general behavior as unpleasant & threatening. X does not think this is acceptable & remarked that all but 2 pcs must go down in the waiting room, and then take turns to visit. The visitors explained that they do not intend to comply with it, and asks what she should do about it. When she explains that she must call for the guard, ask them if they will knock out the teeth on her.

The guard called in, but dares not act, when they still refuse to abide by the rules. X explains to society that she must call the police because of their threat & that they refuse to follow their rules. She may then very clearly explained to them that they will then kill her, and look for her relatives, if it will.

Police was called and the turmoil between them & visitors occurs. Here I have misunderstood, but according to my source, also used the visitors pepper spray against the police. When summoned enough strength to overpower the violent visitors (according to which task was pretty much “Coffee” because of their violence against police officers), these off. Two of the four were released almost immediately as per task. They, with some form of hijab clad women in the group who did not participate in the violence, moving to the outside entrance.

After police interrogated X if the sequence of events explains them to her that she can not keep working there at the moment when the visitors are known, and their death threats are taking on very seriously. She police shoes transported out through the back door, and the home eventually. Someone understands that the slöjbeklädda women stand and watch outside, ready to “alert” when X should leave the building after their shift.
X escorted to his home, in a town outside of Malmö. Immediately installed alarm and surveillance equipment in the house where she lives with her family, including his young children. The police also put the house under surveillance.

So we have now a terrified family, who do not know if they dare to leave their homes, if they dare to drop off kids to school, and when & if they can return to their jobs. This is considered the words of some people cost, if one tries get them to comply with (offensive?) after a certain limited number of visitors at the hospital.

I want to “thank” the established powers, the media included, to Sweden to 99 percent probability lacks the seemingly obvious tools that are needed to consign these people and their behavior, right back where they came from, as soon as possible.

How nice it was supposed to be at UMAS in all cases:


Gary Rumain
11 years ago
Reply to  Robin Shadowes

Welcome to the koranimal neighbourhood.

Robin Shadowes
Robin Shadowes
11 years ago
Reply to  Gary Rumain


11 years ago

looking forward to the mp3 Chris