Muslims Backstab Jews & get the Boot!

While some people don’t want to hear my harsh realities on Islam, I will continue to repeat them. Because only the truth will save our future generations from the shackles of Islam.

Outrage as Los Angeles synagogue hosting Muslim group covers up hostage posters

Conservative synagogue cancels lease to Muslim group after backlash from members, threats of mass departure; speaker at Ramadan event revealed to have supported Hamas’ October 7 attack

While I admit that the synagogue should not have rented space to the Muslims in the first place, this is a great come from behind victory. Which is predicated on the fact that Muslims cannot be trusted.

A central Los Angeles synagogue leased its facility to a Muslim group for the holy month of Ramadan, covering up all posters of Israeli hostages taken by Hamas on October 7 hanging on its walls.

This is another example of what I have been saying for years. Muslims continue to exploit the freedoms of the West.

Photos of the covered posters circulated through the local Jewish community, stirring an uproar and prompting an emergency meeting on Tuesday by the synagogue administration after hundreds of members threatened to leave the congregation.

The synagogue reconsidered and canceled the contract with the Muslim organization, after it was also revealed that one of the speakers slated for the event compared Israel’s actions in Gaza after October 7 to Nazi Germany.

As usual Muslims try to flip the script because Islam is what is comparable to Nazism.

The Conservative synagogue in Los Angeles, HAMAKOM(formerly Temple Aliyah), which also operates a community center, school and kindergarten, rented out its premises to a local Muslim organization, the Islamic Society of West Valley (ISWV), for a Ramadan event, and ordered the hostages’ posters to be covered.

Where would Muslims ever get the sense of superiority?

Koran 3:110

“The fact that they felt the need to hide posters of hostages to make terrorists and their supporters feel more what? Comfortable? says it all. They want to bow down to those who hate us instead of standing up loud and proud in support and defense of Israel,” a local community member told Ynet.

Another member said the synagogue’s management, “Shoot themselves in the foot. What’s happening to our people? When did we reach the point where we need to hide pictures of the captives to respect the Muslim community? And to host Ramadan in the synagogue? How can they explain such a thing?” she wondered.

That’s the point. Islam disrespects non-Muslims.

So why should Muslims be respected back? Doing so is the equivalent of a Jews respecting Nazis.

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As I have been saying, and will continue to say…<

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