Founder of Runs When Refuted After Claiming he Cannot be Refuted

To me it does not matter if I am exposing an unknown Muslim in the ummah, or high-profile ones such as Daniel Haqiqatjou, founder the Alasan Institute. Either way the the goal is the same. To show that Muslims cannot be trusted. Although I do prefer the high-profile ones.

After viewing his profile I immediately surfed over to both sites. His personal site, The Muslim Skeptic, and

Obviously Alansa is a pro-Islamic institute. One that promotes the false narrative of “Islamophobia”.

While claiming that they teach their students the skills to “refute” all “attacks” on Islam.

Yet when I went to Dan’s personal site he ran off when refuted. What a shocker! Considering the fact that Islam is an ideology of perversion I quickly noticed an article in which I could expose the common Muslim hypocrisy.

Right off the bat I will state that I do not support the actions that took place in the Parliament. The difference is that Islam sanctions its own acts of perversion. One being the fact that Islam allows married Muslim men to have sex with captives of war. Which those with morals know is adultery, or known as zina in Islam. So when I see Muslims implying that they are against adultery I have to call them out on it.

From the comment section on the article.

Once I saw the “awaiting moderation” comment I knew that it would be deleted. Which is exactly what happened about a minute later.

Presto chango! The comment has “magically” disappeared. Once again showing us that Muslims cannot be trusted.