Gain Peace’s Yaser Aslam Runs From a Discussion on Islam

Yaser deletes video proof that he couldn’t refute the points I made on him, Gain Peace, and Islam.

I’m not surprised at all though. Because if there is one thing this proven liar for Allah is good for is a good laugh! For those who do not know of Yaser, he is a member of the Gain Peace dawah (proselytizing) team, AKA as misleaders for Allah. As for Gain Peace they are part of the massive Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) organization.

That’s OK though. The more high-profile the better.

Besides working with Gain Peace, Yaser also has his own YouTube page and does his own shows as well. Today was an absolute disaster for him though. Reason being is that usually when I comment in the Gain Peace YouTube chatrooms my comments are automatically deleted. Unfortunately for Yaser he did not enact the same setting on his channel. Which resulted in the following victory for Logan’s Warning.

Yes, I call it like it is. Ahmad said that Islam does not instruct Muslims not to befriend unbelievers.

Koran 5:51

From the world renowned Tafsir (scholarly interpretation and explanation of the Koran) Ibn Kathir.

Of course Yaser and his friend ignored 5:51 and the Tafsir.
At one point he actually had the nerve to say that he did address my points when he clearly didn’t.

This is not the first time Yaser has run off when challenged. The following picture is from a video he made which implied that the so called Jesus of Islam is Christianity friendly. He is not.

You see, Yaser likes to run his mouth.

Then when challenged he runs off. At first the video he made today was there, and then presto chango it wasn’t! lol

The tipping point must have been when he actually pulled one of these on me during the show.