Muslim Propagandist ~ NoorKids’ Amin Aaser ~ Exposed!

In order to win the war with Islam, we must win the information war with Muslims. In order to do so we must counter the 24/7 Muslim misin formation machine.

Which just happens to be a speciality of Logan’s Warning. Last night was different from my usual online writtings though. As I entered a YouTube Muslim chatroom in an effort to expose Islam. Being that there were kids involved I was respectful and would have remained that way even if I got disrespected, but did not see anything wrong with mentioning some of the actions that Islam sanctions. If Islam is so “wonderful” what would be wrong with mentioning these acts? The lesson of the session was the following:

Amin G. Aaser <>Dec 28 at 1:20 AM

As Salaam Alaikum,

We are starting our LIVE Storytime Kids Khutba in 20 minutes. This week’s session is “Out of Control,” a discussion on willpower in Islam. 

Apparently Mohammad skipped school that day.

Here we go. Let us see how Amin responds.

As proven in the Sahih Ahadith. (The authentic words and deeds of Mohammad.)

Muslim Book 016, Number 4131:

He [Muhammad] commanded about them, and (thus) their hands and feet were cut off and their eyes were gouged and then they were thrown in the sun, until they died.

At one point in the video Amin mentioned the so called mercy of Islam.

At another point he mentioned being nice to parents. Of course he failed to mention this aspect of Islam.

So far he would not respond in the chat, but in the video he said someone has to removed here. (Which he ended up not doing.) Later saying that “this person” is saying things and has to listen while opening their heart. Which in reality means open your heart to barbarity and hatred.

Yes, I see the other typo. 🙂

Of course as with the other points I made on Islam, Amin would not address this one either. Why? Because he does not want these kids thinking for themselves and a whitewashed version of Islam is much easier to lure them in with. Over time the brainwashing becomes so ingrained that they will not be able to condemn any verse in the Koran. No matter how vile it is.

Logan’s Warning, doing the job the MSM will not do. Exposing the 24/7 Muslim misinformation machine.