Islamic org Gain Peace Does NOT Seem so Peaceful Anymore…

In order to win the war with Islam we must win the war against Muslim propagandists. Something the MSM is not willing to do. Something I go out of my way to do.

While Dr. Sabeel Ahmed and Yaser Dawah Aslam of Gain Peace might appear well-meaning on the surface, they are an Islamic propaganda duo who are out to mislead the public on Islam. Parroting the “religion of peace” falsehood. Instead of being honest and stating the truth about Islam. Which is that it is an ideology of war and perversion. A threat to humanity.

To add to the deception the hateful true colors of the organization have begun to surface. A special thank you to “my friend” Yaser Dawah Aslam (who also runs his own YouTube page called “Time4Success”). The gift that just keeps on giving.

To read the entire conversation with lying Yaser click HERE,
To read the entire conversation with condescending Yaser click HERE,

All of a sudden Yaser does not seem so peaceful does he? In fact he seems to look down upon non-Muslims. Where would he ever get that line of thinking from? Could it be his book of hatred and perversion AKA as the Koran?

Koran 3:110

Apparently Yaser believes that he is better than the over-whelming majority of America.

So much for the “religion of peace”….

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