Logan’s Warning Exclusive: NY Islamic “Community Center” Comes out of the Shadows!

Several months ago I passed by a common looking one-story building on Hillside Avenue Queens. It was just blocks from the Islamifying section of Jamaica Queens, and that day there were several Muslims taking a sign inside. Now we see it turns out to be an Islamic “community center”, and it has certainly come out of the shadows. In fact they are flying so many flags of Islam that it is hard not to notice the building anymore.

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What does this have in common with the recent battle with Islam over the proposed Ground Zero Mosque….err…”Community Center”? The Ground Zero project was run by the Sharia loving Imam Rauf, and this “community center” is being lead by Pakistani Mufti Muneer, who has a PhD in Islamic Jurisprudence. While they “kindly” display a US Flag, where do you think their loyalty lies? With the US Constitution or Sharia Law? Let’s see if we can get some answers…


Christopher Logan ‏@LogansWarning @muftimuneer Do you think it would be best if America was governed by Islamic Law?

Of course no “community center” run by a Pakistani Islamic Law expert, would be complete without a free copy of the Islam promoting Pakistan Post!

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Christopher Logan

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