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Unveiling the NEW North American Infidel Motto and Logo!!

Hello infidels and foes! I just wanted to give you an update on the North American Infidel (NAI) organization. Since taking over, the Facebook page has skyrocketed from approximately 4800 teammates, (no that does not include the Muslims who spy on the page), to over 7200!

Over the last week or so, we decided to come up with our motto and a new power logo. Here is the result!

Citizenship Does not Automatically Equate to Loyalty

If we look across the West, we can see that Islam is dividing the West from within. Muslims are doing this with the support of far-leftist non-Muslims, who are either uniformed on Islam, want to stay purposely blind to the threat, or just hate Western Civilization so much that they will side with just about any ideology that opposes our way of life. The slaves to Allah are not the first to attempt an internal destruction of America. Back in the 30’s the Nazis who were obviously a huge external threat, also tried to divide America as well. In 1933 Nazi Deputy Führer Rudolf Hess, ordered German citizen Heinz Spanknobel who was living in America, to form an American Nazi organization. Eventually the group was merged into the German American Bund.

Why Islam is Taking Over America

Beware America, I bring you news of your own death; “a pale shroud laid out by your own hand”. IDIOTICALLY, you have given religion status to an enemy invader called Islam; thereby egregiously violating the foremost principles of national security, sovereignty and warfare: An enemy invader must never (never) be classified as a religion.

~ Congressman Allen West Tells CAIR Member To Take A Hike! ~Video

Over the years, many ask me, “Who is OUR Geert Wilders? Who will step up to lead the charge to save America from Islam? The answer is quite clear today! Our esteemed leader is the former Army Lt. Colonel and now Congressman Allen West (Republican – 22nd District Florida), a man who has a superior knowledge of Islam, and just as importantly, is not afraid to speak out candidly against its danger to our society.

Do you Want to Preserve our Freedoms?

After doing some filming in an Islamic section of Brooklyn (will be published soon), I headed back to Manhattan and was walking around Rockefeller Center. Then all of a sudden it hit me just how great America is. Here are some of the freedoms that most of us take for granted.

The Fight Against Islamic Expansionism Continues!

Although I was offline for about a week because of another cyberattack, I have come back to some very good news. Recently we have read about non-Muslims in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Staten Island, and Tennessee, taking a stand against Islamic expansionism.

Today we learn that more of us have joined the fight. One new battle that has started is taking place in New Hyde Park Long Island, where Muslims of the Hillside Islamic Center are showing no respect for the residents in the area.

Lets Lock Arms and Fight Islam Together! Your Help is Needed

As most of you know I recently moved back to NY. One of the reasons that I moved back is to do my own reporting, as there is an endless list of political meetings and rallies to attend. What I see in the MSM does not cut it. How many times have we seen a reporter say nothing more than “thank you”, after a Muslim states that Islam has nothing to do with terrorism? Apparently most reporters do not have the knowledge, or courage to ask the tough questions about Islam. I have no problem with speaking the truth about Islam, with Muslims and their supporters. Which can be seen in my “Back in the New York Grove: My First Encounter With Muslims in NY” article. This morning I was informed that the New York Daily news had omitted all of my quotes in an article about a proposed Mosque in Sheepshead Bay Brooklyn. We cannot rely on the media to help in this fight. So we have to take matters into our hands.