The End of Islam in Action~The Beginning of Logan’s Warning

No to IslamAs many of you have heard my blog “Islam in Action” and my computer were both hit by viruses. Here is how the story went.  About a month ago, my computer got hit with a virus that blocked me from going online. I called a technical support company and had them clean it out. At the same time a few readers of mine had said that they were getting some pop up on my site, saying it was an attack site out to steal info. That they needed to purchase and download some “anti-virus” software to protect their computer. The truth was that the down loadable software was a virus itself.

When I had my computer fixed up by the technician, I thought that the blog would be OK also. The weird part is that the popup was random, and I never even saw it once when I was on the site.  Approximately one month after I got rid of the virus, I got it again (yes, I had virus protection on) and that was it for the computer. A few days later, I was told that Blogger shut down my blog. They must of been alerted to the virus and then they shut me down without warning. It was strange that they did not just remove it or contact me to remove it. I am guessing that when made aware of the blog, they didn’t like the content. As Blogger is owned by leftist Google. I put in a request to reinstate it on Dec. 2. , and it has not yet been put back up and I doubt it ever will be.

The story gets even better. About a week before the site was taken down, I changed the logo and stated that was coming soon. What I did not realize was that my ownership of the domain name had recently expired. The reason that I did not know, was that I stopped using the email that I registered it under over a year ago. (Yes, I was a bit careless for not updating the info for the domain.) So right before the site was taken down, some obsessed freak Muslim actually went and bought my name and directed it to a pro-Islamic site. Today I checked the address again, and it was redirected to this anti-Christian picture. (WARING ADULT CONTENT)

I am not saying that the guy who stole my domain name is the same guy who attached the virus to my site, because I have no proof of that. But obviously what I am saying is getting under the skin of some Muslim weaklings, that did not even have the guts to come on my site and debate me about Islam. They didn’t because they know that they cannot refute the truth. So as we have seen time and time again, they have to try and silence the critics of Islam. Because in a forum of open ideas when the truth is spoken about Islam, it would be rejected by freedom loving people.

Lastly, I did a check on Google and it listed some of the sites that were sending out malware viruses. At least two of them are Iranian.


Yes, this network has hosted sites that have distributed malicious software in the past 90 days. We found 14 site(s), including, for example,,, that infected 42 other site(s), including, for example,,,

While my Muslim fan club might of though they would get me to quit, they are quite wrong. This is just a bump in a road and now I plan to speak out even more, radio included!

Thank you all for your continued support,


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