Muslims Continue to Unite, New YouTube Channel: Campaign Islam

The obvious pattern of Muslims uniting against the West continues. This group is out of the UK, but as the video shows, they want the world. For now the group seems to consist of women only. Below the videos are comments left by Muslims.

6 days ago jzk for the vid. oh muslims rise up

6 days ago Allahu Akbar. may Allah make it easy. ameen

Unfortunately we are making it easy for Muslims. We need to continue to build up our numbers, in this war with Islam.

Recently my site has documented Muslims uniting in conferences across the West. This time it is women’s only conference, in which they will talk about the burqa bans, and proposed bans of the burqa in Europe The “Burqa or no burqa” conference is taking place in London, on July 11Th.

WilteredFire 3 days ago If you really are peaceful, freedom loving, and tolerant as you claim…Why dont you talk about muslims attacking the rights of other people who want to eat pork, or passengers carrying alcohol and being greeted and shunned by muslim taxi drivers, or perhaps muslims in the west constantly crying about how little things are offensive to their religion? Why dont you talk about this if you REALLY love freedom and are tolerant of other people. If not, then DONT expect others to tolerate YOU either!

2 days ago @WilteredFire
Who said anything about us being for freedom? – we the muslims are slaves of Allah, we submit ourselves to his command regardless of what anyone says or thinks, this “man-made” notition of freedom stems from the west. it is the west that calls for democracy and freedom yet it is very quick to infrindge the rights of those who practise it because it doesn’t conform to their agenda.
Don’t practise what you don’t preach – we practise Islam and preach it.

Here we have a spokeswoman of the group, saying that Muslims will not integrate and non-Muslims (kuffar) are uniting against Islam. She is correct on both accounts. Maybe she would like to explain, why we would want to be dominated by Islam?

3 days ago mashallah!!!
Iam happy and proud to wear niqab a half year ago!!
I wear it for allah(swt)!!! Allah (swt) ist the onlyest god and I will live only for him.

From these comments, we can see that there is no talking to Sharia loving Muslims. They do not care what we have to say, it will be our way of life or theirs. Please keep that in mind.

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