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Attack Muslims ~ Empower Islam~ It’s That Simple

Every time I hear of violent attack on Muslims in non-Islamic countries I ask myself the same question. Why? Why are some people so foolish? If the so called logic behind the attack was to defeat Islam, the perpetrators has made a very costly mistake for two reasons.

Muslim’s 16 Point Plan on Trying to Silence us by Using the Term “Islamophobia”~ Action Needed!

In attempt to scare off those who speak the truth about Islam, Muslims and their supporters continually toss out the term “Islamophobia”. The other day a Muslim posted a link to the plan on my site, and I am not exactly sure why he or she did it. Either way it is all layed on the website of the Council of Islamic Organizations of Greater Chicago. One of their goals is to try and equate the term “Islamophobia”, with a hate crime. There are numerous points in their plan that we need to counter.

Sharia vs anti-Sharia Chaos on the Streets of London~ Video

Islam, the great divider has struck again. I don’t understand why more people did not see this coming? To me and many others it was obvious to see that as Muslim immigration continued, the push for Sharia Law would get stronger. Muslims in the UK were foolishly allowed to have their own Sharia Courts, and now they want more power. They want Sharia introduced into the UK for all. If this movement is not put to rest, the day is coming where Muslims in the UK will feel that they have enough power, and they will start forcing non-Muslims to use their courts. Personally I see a civil war coming to the UK.

Albanian Muslims Sue Journalist for Calling for ban on Islam

Across the pond in Albania we see more Muslims, that are against freedom of speech. Sometimes it just amazes me that Islam was actually allowed to be practiced in the West, it is just so contradictory to Western Civilization. The good news is that journalist is another voice against Islam, which means we are heading in the right direction.

Muslims Strike Back: “Everybody draw Holocaust day” (30 June 2010)

Like A bunch of bratty children, Muslims have to strike back, and have started an “Everybody draw Holocaust day” Facebook page. What they fail to understand is that if they were not threatening us, that “Everybody Draw Mohammad Day” never would have happened. They just do not know when to stop pushing. The bottom line is that, multiculturalism with Islam does not work, and we are on a collision course with Muslims. Muslim immigration was one of the biggest mistakes, the West has ever made.

Muslims set to Counter “Draw Mohammad Day”~ Video

Recently Muslims had made veiled threats, to the executive producers of the South Park comedy show, just because Mohammad was featured in one of their cartoons. After the veiled threats, Comedy Central cowardly censored the episode. A few days later, Seattle artist Molly Norris came up with the idea to start an “Everybody Draw Muhammad Day!”. Like wildfire the idea spread across the Internet, but it was all was too much for Molly to handle. She quickly backed down as well.

Iranian Students Urge Suspension of Ties With Sweden

Just a few weeks ago Libya’s Gadhafi called for jihad against Switzerland, and now Iranian Muslims have targeted another European country. Muslims continually think that they can dictate the rules to the rest of the world. If Muslims cannot take criticism of their religion, or other freedoms of democracy, that is their problem. We should not be concerned.