Taiwan Rolls out the Red-carpet for Islam

Some People Just Never Learn

What do the Bahamas, Japan, and Taiwan all have in common? They have all rolled out the red-carpet for Islam. Unfortunately unable or unwilling to learn from the mistakes Europe has made with Muslim immigration and Islam.

Here’s How Taiwan Became the Most Muslim-Friendly Destination in the Far East

The people of Taiwan are famed for their welcoming nature, and so it should come as no surprise that the island was the chosen holiday destination for over 180,000 Muslims in 2014, a figure the tourism authority wants to double by 2018. And with that date fast approaching the local government have stepped up their efforts to ensure that visitors of the Muslim faith are made to feel especially welcome in Taiwan.

In its efforts, the tourism authority is currently encouraging hotels in Taiwan to install prayer rooms on-site and the Qibla (an arrow pointing to Mecca) in their rooms. These minor changes will cost hotels little, but the rewards will no doubt be great as they are seen as an incredibly welcoming gesture to their Muslim guests. There are also plans to open more officially licensed halal restaurants to cater for the expected rise in tourists from the Middle East and South East Asia. Currently, Taipei City only has 45 halal restaurants but the city mayor Ko Wen-je hopes that more will open in the near future.


And to make matters even easier for those wishing to travel here, President Tsai Ing-wen has extended visa-free travel privileges to a number of Muslim majority nations. This would cut down drastically on the time required to plan a holiday to Taiwan and would see a jump in last-minute bookings.

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As you can see the lure of money invites the cancer of Islam into non-Islamic countries.

Muslim-friendly Taiwan embraces religious diversity

Muslims in Taiwan may be a religious minority, but they enjoy full societal participation free from discrimination in education, employment and political participation thanks to the efforts of public and private organizations dedicated to creating a welcoming environment. Today, men donning skullcaps and women wearing headscarves can move freely in public without attracting undue attention.
For devout Muslim Ali Chang, Taiwan is a safe haven for religious expression. “It is a wonderful place for Islamic followers given the equality, freedom and openness of society,” he said. Chang’s father was among the roughly 20,000 Muslims who arrived from China in 1949, most of whom married local women and passed the religion’s traditions down to their children.

Of course Muslims will continue to exploit the kindness…errr…weakness of non-Islamic countries. Which creates a huge problem. Because the problem with treating Muslims as equals is that eventually they become your superiors, and they will not stop pushing.


CMA (Chinese Muslim Association) is frequently entrusted to assist the central and local governments in developing products, services and facilities for Islamic followers. These include establishing halal food standards; providing Muslim-friendly tour guide training programs; and organizing Hajj, the annual pilgrimage to Mecca in Saudi Arabia.
Efforts to attract international visitors from Islamic countries are bearing fruit as well, with Taiwan ranking as the third most Muslim-friendly destination among non-Organization of Islamic Cooperation countries and territories, according to the 2019 Global Muslim Travel Index published by U.S.-based financial services provider MasterCard and Singapore-headquartered CrescentRating, a global authority on halal travel.

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Without the help of non-Muslims Islam would not stand a chance. The slow acting Islamicide continues.