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France: “Islamophobia” Alert ~ Muslims on the Move

That should say moving out. Which means today we as non-Muslims get to celebrate another small but growing victory. One that shows that some Muslims can’t take the heat. Unable to deal with Islam being criticized.

Biden Betrays America ~ Opens the Door for 25K “Migrants” Banned Under Trump

Unfortunately after bringing Logan’s Warning readers over a weeks worth of good news in regards to the threat of Islam, now I have to report some bad Biden news. Despite the fact that Muslims in America have recently turned on Traitor Joe, his administration has opened the door for 25K migrants….

Celebrity Wife: Muslims are “Here to Take Over”

Well this is huge Patriots and exactly what we need more of. Prominent names coming out against Muslim immigration while exposing the harsh reality of the Israel vs. Palestine conflict.

India: Excludes Muslim Asylum Seekers From Citizenship

Well, well, well,…..it looks like at least one country is waking up to the current Muslim invasion, and is willing to protect itself from the great culture killer called Islam. As it is an ideology of conquest.

Cali – Pakistani Invader Wants to Fight Non-Muslims

There are currently 195 countries on the planet today. With 50 of them being a Muslim majority. Obviously that didn’t happen overnight but it happened. Which is why in order for the West to survive as we know it, it…

North American Infidels Salutes Radio Host Laura Ingraham!

As most of you probably know I have been calling for an end to Muslim for several years now, but have been disappointed that there are not enough prominent people also supplying answers to the threat of Islam. That is besides the fact that most of the mainstream media has been complacent with the enemy ideology of Islam. But now thankfully radio host Laura Ingraham has stepped up to the plate, and has spoken out against Muslim immigration. We here at Logan’s Warning/North American Infidels (NAI) salute her for taking such a brave stance in order to protect America from further Islamic infiltration. Thank you Laura!