US Election: VP Muslim Running Mate Immediately Takes a Stand for Hamas

Yes friends, you have read that correctly. For the first time in the history of America we have Muslim on the Presidential ticket. This coming off the 2020 election in which “President” Biden held a historic pre-election Muslim only conference. Which was another first for America.

Independent U.S. presidential candidate Dr. Cornel West announced that he would have academic, activist and organizer Melina Abdullah as his running mate.

Abdullah is a member of the board of directors for Black Live Matter Grassroots, a pan-African studies professor at California State University in Los Angeles and now the first Muslim on a presidential ticket in the U.S.

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Like Biden, the Treacherous Two didn’t take long at all to take a stand for the enemy. Islam itself.

Cornel West calls Oct. 7 Hamas attack on Israel ‘counter-terrorist response’

Independent presidential candidate Cornel West described the Oct. 7 Hamas attack on southern Israel as a “counter-terrorist” response during a Thursday interview.

West and Melina Abdullah, his recently-announced running mate, did not criticize the Palestinian militant group for its actions in the ongoing war and declined to condemn the Oct. 7 attack.


Phillip asked him to clarify if he referred to the October attack on southern Israel as a “counter-terrorist response.”

“Oh absolutely, if you’ve been terrorized for 75 years, and you responded the same way,” West replied.

The was in Gaza is one of the things he has campaigned on, trying to woo Muslim Americans, younger and progressive voters who are dissatisfied with the Biden administration’s handling of the war. He has been calling for a permanent cease-fire.

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For those who do not know of Cornell West, he is a pro-Palestinian leftist “Christian”.

Cornel West on Why the Left Needs Jesus

Cornel West is not particularly interested in being nice. He recently left Harvard—after his second tour as a professor there—and he made sure to post his resignation letter on Twitter: The school’s “narcissistic academic professionalism,” “Aanti-Palestinian prejudices,” and what he saw as indifference toward his mother’s recent death constituted “an intellectual and spiritual bankruptcy of deep depths.”

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As you can see West is very arrogant and claims that he stands with Jesus. Well now I will give him a quick education on Islam and the Israel vs. Palestine conflict. Yes, I will be contacting him.

Islam has a very different version of Jesus. One who is not Christianity friendly. That is besides the fact that Islam calls for the persecution of Christianity.

Now I will quickly address the Israel vs. Palestine conflict. A conflict brought on by Islam itself.

Do I believe that Team West will win the election? No I don’t, but I am also looking past the day I am in. Seeing a big problem with treating Muslims as equals. Which is that eventually they become your superiors.

Please help Logan’s Warning continue to expose what the MSM wouldn’t. Islam itself.