London ~ Stealth Jihad Alert ~ Halal Speed Dating

I have said it over and over. The threat of Islam is a two-tier threat. The first being the obvious threat of violent jihadists. The second and much less obvious is the non-violent threat of stealth jihad or what I call “insidious Islam“. A threat that uses the freedoms of non-Islamic countries against the country. Using those freedoms to slowly turn the country to suit Islam. Using those freedoms in an attempt to “normalize” Islam in non-Islamic countries. Such as a London Muslim Golf Day.

Today we see another we example of what will appear to many as a harmless event. When in fact it is an insidious event designed to expand the ummah (Muslim community). Halal speed dating.

Like I said, to many this event will seem like no big deal. When you tie it to Islam itself we see the threat it is.

From Islam Q & A:

Halal speed dating, just another piece of silk in the Islamic web called stealth jihad.