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London Holds Muslim Golf Day

While this event might seem benign to most people it is certainly part of the malignant spread of the cancer of Islam. The reason being is that it creates an illusion that “normalizes” Islam in the UK. While getting non-Muslims to respect aspects of Islamic Law.

World Renowned Islamic School Congratulates Pope Francis ~ Meet The Pope’s New “Friends”

I know there are plenty of non-Muslims who do not want to face the harsh realities that are posted here on Logan’s Warning. But we will never win the war with Islam unless the truth is spoken, and although I do not enjoy being the bearer of bad news, it has to be done again. As Pope Francis is no protector of the Church. He is an enabler of the enemy!

Pope Francis Calls for Dialogue With Islam….

Well it certainly has not taken long for the newly elected Pope to bow down to Islam. Because unless he is going to tell Muslims that their religion is a threat to Christians and Western Civilization, dialogue with Muslims will just lead to more appeasement of Islam. Considering he has been protective of Mohammad in the past, it will be the latter.

Muslims on the run…..#1: Muslim Matters & AlMaghrib Institute’s Islamic Scholar Yasir Qadhi, Memphis TN

Yesterday I started a new Logan’s Warning series entitled “Traitors Among us”. It is an effort to highlight the fact that a Muslim does not have to be a member of a major Islamic organization to be a threat to America. Showing how Islam turns citizens against their own country. A treacherous way of life.

Today I am also starting a new series, this one is obviously entitled “Muslims on the run”. It will be used to show how Muslims lie and deceive like this is no tomorrow. Just as instructed by their hero Mohammad.

The Islamic Prayer: Hatred in the Face of the Host!

Over and over many of us have seen infidels go out of their way to show respect for Islam. They do this in a belief that the gesture will be reciprocated. But that does not and will not happen, because when push comes to shove, Muslims stand with Islam above all. One of the ways non-Muslims go out of their way for Islam is to open their doors for Muslims to recite the Islamic prayer.

UPDATE: Muslims Rent out Sports Arena for MEGA Interfaith IslamoCON!!

This is a quick update on the “Muslims Rent out Sports Arena for MEGA Interfaith IslamoCON!!” exclusive story. The first thing is that the link to the article has been Tweeted to (by numerous infidels), and posted on the Facebook page of the backstabber of America, Republican Congressman Michael Grimm of NY’s 13Th District (Staten Island). As of now he has not responded, and it appears he might just duck the issue.