Muslim “fan” Emails Logan’s Warning

While more prominent names “in this” have weakened and have fallen into the “moderate Muslims/Islam” are going to save us trap, I have continued to speak the truth about the issue. Continually exposing the threatening mindset of everyday Mo’s.

Not backing off on Islam itself draws the ire of Muslims though. Today’s example is an email I received this morning from a Muslim who had also contacted me back in July. Back then acting as if he was a “friend”. This morning showing his true colors though. Which is of no surprise to me at all. Because Muslims just cannot be trusted.

For a closer look.

Apparently Allah thinks I am rotten to the core for opposing amputations, (Koran 5:38), child marriages, (Koran 65:4, as per Tafsir Ibn Kathir), crucifixions, (Koran 5:33), and lashings, (Koran 24:2). Apparently the Allah of Islam is Satan himself.