Bulgaria ~ Muslims on the Move…. OUT of the Country! ~ Video

It sure is refreshing to see a Western country legally taking a stand against the Muslim attempted takeover of West Civilization.

Of course the Turks who made the video had to play the Muslim Victim Card. A card that is thankfully nearing its expiration date. Starting with the misleading title which should be changed to, “Bulgaria ~ Cultural Protection Against its Muslim Invaders”.

Using the so called logic of that title, Jews were haters for opposing Nazism.

What the producers of the video do not mention is that wearing a hijab in a non-Islamic country is a smack in the face to the country. As proven in Koran verse 33:59.

Hopefully this is just the start of a lawful attack against Islam in Bulgaria. One that leads to an all out banning of it. Because attempting to coexist with Islam is a 1400 year-old proven cultural suicide. Unfortunately some people just do not get that.