UK Politician Calls for Islam to be Banned to Save Europe!

1424411_578470982221629_433729648_nI have said over and over, that Muslims have turned our freedoms into tools of Islam. If the rules do not change we will eventually lose this war. As they will not stop pushing. That is why I am all for banning Islam, a position Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller suicidally stand against. 

I have also stated that all we have to do is look to Europe to see what is coming our way in regards to Islam. On this issue, the great Geert Wilders has said the following:

“Islam is rapidly pushing our Western civilisation close to the edge of the abyss. We have too much Islam in the Netherlands. Islam is more a violent political ideology than a religion,” the MP writes.
He admits that he has taken a strong position in the debate on Islam. That is necessary, he says, because it is “the eleventh hour.”

Unfortunately Islam is devouring Europe, and as they near the tipping point a brave UK politician has called for Islam be banned to save Europe. That man is Paul Weston of the Liberty, GB Party. A man whose message on this issue, should be followed by all non-Muslim politicians.

(Note: the war with Islam has nothing to do with race to me. Islam is a threat to us all.)


Liberty GB, my political party, has always maintained that we are cultural nationalists, i.e., that it doesn’t matter about the race and the colour, the only thing that matters is that people absorb our tradition and history and ideology and live as we do. But that’s not going to happen because of this wonderful edict of multiculturalism, which promotes separate development; and it’s worked very well, they have developed separately, we now have Muslim ghettos all across this country. So it’s not going to work, cultural nationalism is not going to work, which is a great shame because at one stage it perhaps could have done. But the numbers are now so great we now have to look at the only viable option on the table, which is to remove Islam from Britain. And in Europe, if you want to survive as well, you need to remove Islam from Europe.

When 40 percent want sharia law and when 33 percent believe that killing in the name of Islam is permissible, then you only have that option. Unless you want civil war and carnage in the future, Islam has to be removed from Europe, from Britain, from England; and this is now the position that Liberty GB is taking.

Hat tip to Michael C. Hat tip to Alan D on the picture above.

Friends, even if you agree with me or not. I view this as a very successful week, as there is a lot of dialogue online about Islam being banned. More than I have ever seen. I view this as a step forward in the war with Islam!