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European Politician on Syrian Refugees: We do NOT want the “terrorists”!

No matter how long you have been in this war, I think it is safe to say it becomes frustrating at times. As we see Islamic expansionism happening across the West. But recently we have been getting some good news, actually very good news. First we saw UK politician Paul Weston call for a complete ban of Islam across Europe. Now we have Bulgarian politician Angel Bozhinov leading the charge against an attempted invasion from Syria. On this issue I am firmly believe that all non-Islamic countries have to end all Muslim immigration. Otherwise it is just a matter of time until we lose this war. Because they will not stop whining or pushing.

Bulgaria: Muslims Preparing for Civil WAR!

As I have said Muslims are not in the West to assimilate. They are here to try and take over. I had also stated that I could see civil wars breaking out across the West because of Muslim immigration. Unfortunately I was correct, and the violence had already started in Germany, Sweden and the UK. Now we can add Bulgaria to that list. For the record I do not condone the violence against Muslims. But I certainly understand non-Muslims being fed up with Islam. None of this would be happening if wasn’t for the worldwide Sharia movement.