Logan’s Warning to Ezra Levant: PLEASE Stop Spreading False Hope

I freely admit that Rebel News spokesperson Ezra Levant does a lot of good work. Such as exposing the leftist threat to free speech, and the plight of UK hero Tommy Robinson.

When it comes to Islam though I have to strongly disagree with his stance on the issue. As he promotes the “good” Muslim/bad Muslim policy. Which implies that so called moderate Muslims can save the West from Islam. Which has been a disastrous policy of false hope ever since 911.

Some evidence of this is that back in April of 2017, he promoted so called moderate Muslim Malala Yousafzai. A Muslima propagandist who preys on naive and trusting non-Muslims. As proven here.

Unfortunately today Ezra is still in the “good” Muslim/bad Muslim corner.

From an email I received from him earlier today:

For those who do not know, Raheel Raza is a Muslim board member of The Clarion Project. An organization that lives off of $elling false hope as it covers for Islam itself.

Raheel is a so called “reformer”. But when I had an email exchange with Clarion, they could not even explain how she is going to supposedly reform Islam. As proven here.

Onto Daniel Pipes:

Pipes’ message on this issue is actually dangerous. A 1400 year-old proven cultural suicide.

Like Raheel, Daniel $ells the West false hope. If their policies were so strong why do they run off when challenged on them?

So I will say it again. Islam cannot be protected as a religion, and defeated at the same time.

Ezra, for the sake of the future generations of the West, please stop promoting false hope on Islam.

Thank you.