The Rebel TV & Ezra Levant Promote Muslim Propagandist Malala Yousafzai

Yes there is sympathy for her because the Taliban shot her in the face. In no way though is that an excuse for such faulty reporting. As Rebel TV and Ezra Levant have put her on a pedestal in their failed attempt at playing the “good” Muslim, bad Muslim “game”. A “game” the MSM media has been playing for years. A “game” that really should be referred to as Islamic Roulette.

Now I have no love for the Islam loving Trudeau. but that does not mean we should be promoting a Muslim propagandist like Malala. If the homework was done Rebel and Ezra would have known 5 major points about Malala.

1. That she promotes the notion that Islam is about equality. (At the 1:26 mark.) Which is easily proven false here.

Koran 9:29

2. That she states killing people is not Islam. Islam is peace. (At the 2:45 mark.) Well apparently she knows Islam better than Mohammad did.

3. That she believes lack of education is the problem for (Islamic) terrorism. (At the 3:45 mark.) Does that include Al Qaeda’s top two dogs, Osama Bin Laden, and Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri?

4. That, and most importantly, she is against the criticism of Islam. (At the 4:25 mark.)  Which might be why Ezra promotes her. Because if you read his article he does not criticize Islam either. He criticizes “radical Islam”. Are there two Korans?

How do I know these things about her? Because a couple of years ago I took the time to watch the following video which is just over 5 minutes in length.

Oh yea….#5…she is against Trump’s proposed travel ban.

“Well, when the president banned Muslim-majority countries, that was really disappointing. And I was deeply hurt because I’m a Muslim,” Yousafzai said. “And to me, it just seemed like directly blaming Muslims, and that is not a solution. That is just making an excuse and hiding from the real problems. I think he needs to understand that you need to meet the people. You need to see the refugee people.”

Right Malala, Muslims would never lie as instructed to.

Meaning she wants to follow the Koran’s call to flood the world with Muslim invaders.

Koran 4:100

Friend of the West? Not even lose. Irresponsible reporting? Most definitely.