Sends out Misleading Tweet, Then it Disappears!

BustedIf you have been following some of my recent posts you will know that I have been taking it to the Ahmadi Muslim misinformation machineTheir leader included. Now today we take it to a new level, as the Ahamdi’s of “TrueIslam” have been caught out for clearly attempting to mislead the public on Islam.

True Islam lies 1

Besides their failed attempt at deception, they ran to the hills when confronted with the verses that showed they were trying to mislead the public.

True Islam proof 1

True Islam proof 2

True Islam proof 3

They never did address any of them.

Shortly after I posted the proof I once again clicked on their Tweet. But it had “magically” disappeared. Now if you look at the time the missing Tweet was posted (6:26 AM), and those of the following two, you will then see that the Tweet had been removed.

True Islam time 1

True Islam time 2

True Islam verse is gone

Where did it go? Did Allah will it away? Or did the Muslim propagandists of “TrueIslam” delete it? The world may never know…..


FYI: Their Tweet about Christians and Jews going to heaven was refuted by the following:

Koran 9 63 oppose Allah and Mo go to hell

Oppose Allah and Mad Mo and you are going to roast in hell.

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