Saudi Tries to Whitewash Islam in Penn St Publication ~ North American Infidels Steps in!

NAI newOver the years apologists for Islam have told me that Muslims are nowhere near the majority here in America. So there is no threat. My rebuttal to that is that Muslims do not have to be anywhere near the majority, in order to help turn public opinion in favor of Islam. All they have to do is continue to key in on three main targets as they have been doing. Our educational system, government, and media.

Today we see another example of this as guest columnist, Yousef Al Naimi, attempts a whitewashing of Islam in The Collegian.

The misrepresentation of Saudi Arabia: an insider’s account

When I was home for the Summer of 2015, in the Saudi city of Dhahran, every Friday, my family would usually meet for lunch at my aunt’s house. While they spoke, I would end up scrolling through my phone, to find out Daesh (derogatory Arabic term for ISIS) has managed to—yet again—murder innocent brothers and sisters of mine, in my own country of Saudi Arabia.

At almost every gathering, the topic would shift to Daesh’s weekly Friday bombing, or shooting, or other horrific act of terror that was aimed not only at Saudi Arabian national security, but ultimately to target the social fabric and the coexistence of the communities and tribes of Saudi Arabia.

To read the upcoming whitewashing click HERE. 

In order to view my point by point rebuttal just scroll down to the comment section. As you will the see, the author could not even get the bat off of his shoulders in an attempt to refute it. In fact I even Tweeted him to make sure I had his attention.

Author Y Namim Saudi article
His response?
Blocked by 6 Yousef Al Naimi college paper

North American Infidels. Doing the job the MSM does not have the courage or knowledge to do.