Call to Action: Canton MA Police Chief has Been Mislead on Islam

NAI newIn order to win the war with Islam we need to counter the misinformation that is being spread by Muslim propagandists across the country. And once again the Ahmadis are leading the way, with the misinformation starting at the top.  Not only do we need to continue educating the public to the true threat of Islam, we also need to educate our authority figures. Before they completely bend over backwards in an effort to appease Muslims. Just as they are doing in parts of Europe.

Glas Sharia police

You see Muslims know that if we cannot even speak out against the threat of Islam, we cannot defeat it. So their first move to gain trust is to promote a false version of Islam, and target our authority figures.

Now unfortunately many of those in charge may have not read a Koran, and or want to blindly believe what they are told by Muslims. As is the case with Ken Berkowitz, Chief of Police, Canton Massachusetts.

Police Cheif of Canton MA endorses True Islam

Obviously “TrueIslam” “conveniently” forgot to let the Chief know that Islam is not peaceful or tolerant. Actually it is far from it, sanctioning some of the most barbaric actions you can think of.

Amputations and Crucifixions.
Koran 5:34 (Usually 5:33)
AlIslam. org

Ahmadi 5 34

Koran 24:3 (Usually 24:2)

Ahmadi 24 3

Forced dominance over non-Muslims.
Koran 9:29

Ahmadi 929

By this point I am sure most of my readers know that appeasing Islam is just a cultural suicide, so I ask everyone to please pitch in and contact the Canton Police Department, in order to respectfully voice your opinion on this.

Their contact information can be found HERE.

For those who do not use Twitter.

Canton Police Headquarters
1492 Washington Street
Canton MA, 02021
Business Line
(781) 821-5090

Do NOT call 911 over this.

Thank you,

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