US Elected Official Reports me to Southern Poverty Law Center!

Michael Wojick 3 profileI was a bit bored this afternoon, so this was a welcome laugh. Earlier today on Twitter I had noticed the following absurd Tweet from Rochester City Councilman Michael Wojick.

Michael Wojick 1

Apparently saying “damn Muslims” is hate speech to the obviously thin-skinned Councilman. Besides the Tweet above I had sent him some of the hate speech that resides in the Koran. (Verse 9:29)

Michael Wojick 2

Notice how he did not say a word about the verse itself. But in a failed act of intimidation immediately tagged the far-left hate group The Southern Poverty Law Center. Which has Frank Gaffney, Pamela Geller, and Robert Spencer listed in their “Extremists Files”.

SPLC Gaffney

Which just shows how hypocritical they and the Councilman are. Because Islam itself is hate-speech and extremism.

Koran 8 55 worst of beasts

Koran 7 179 cattle

Koran 5 33 snipping tool

Of course when I challenged him on the issue, he had no answers.

Michael Wojick 4 my responses

The Councilman, just another #usefulidiot to Islam.