Logan’s Warning Goes Toe to Toe With WABC’s Curtis Sliwa!

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Late Friday afternoon I was walking through NYC’s Penn Station at rush hour. As I was I happened to notice WABC’s radio host and founder of the Guardian Angles, Curtis Sliwa, standing there.

I walked over to him and while introducing myself, politely shook his hand. Thanking him for his conservative work in a liberal dominated city. He smiled and said “especially in NY”. He proceeded to hand me his business card.

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At that point he reached for his cell, and either made a call or picked up an incoming one. During his conversation it was clear that another call had come in. But I wanted to talk to him, so I waited. After he hung up I asked if he minded me asking him a question. He said sure.

I was curious where he stood on the issue of Islam’s internal threat to America. So I asked him if he thought we would defeat the threat of Islam in America. From that moment on his ignorance, and or denial surfaced. The so-called conservative angrily took a stand for Muslims in America. The more he got hit with facts, the madder he became.

Right off the bat, he started shaking his head in a negative way. In other words he did not want to hear it. His response was the usual nonsense of Muslims in America being different than anywhere else. He went on and on about there not being violent attack after attack here. I told him that Muslim do not have to be violent to be a threat. That they just have to continue to use our freedoms against us in order to slowly take over.

He really wasn’t listening though, as he raised his voice and once again brought up violent Muslims. While continually shaking his head in an attempt to stay in denial. I told him he was missing the point, that the legal Islamification which has made great inroads in the UK is happening here as well. He said “come on!” Implying there is no threat here.

I went on to mention the Islamification of Jamaica Queens, he said that is not happening. In return I asked about the blocks and blocks of Muslim owned stores that are saturated with halal food. Once again Curtis raised his voice and said “so what!” “What about Jews and Kosher, what’s the difference?” Well Curtis, “The difference is that Jews are not on a worldwide jihad attempting to subjugate all under a barbaric set of religious laws. Muslims are.” Adding the Islamification of at least one section of Philadelphia. Sliwa continued to shake his head, responding with “who is on a jihad here?”

After that ridiculous response I told him he was ignorant, and he shrieked as he pointed to himself, “I’m ignorant?!” I replied “yes, as ignorant as your buddy Alan Colmes.” Being called out in public with a crowd gathered was clearly pissing him off.

Does he not know about the Muslim Brotherhood and all of its tentacles that have latched on here in America? How could a well-known conservative media personality like him not know that? That is besides the average Muslim who is doing their part in Islamifying America.

He went on to state “they don’t want that (Islam), they are cabbies here.” I said so what? His response was go into their cabs and see what they are listening to. I asked him what. He mentioned the news, implying that meant they do not want Islam. He went on to ask if they want Islam why don’t they go back? “Why don’t they go back?” I asked why should they when we allow them to spread Islam here? He had no real response

I offered him more proof on the legal Islamification of America. Telling him to go Brooklyn to see the burqa “babes” and listen to the call to prayer being broadcast onto the streets for all to hear. But the response was the same……just shaking his head and getting madder. Apparently he thought he was going to intimidate me. But that was not going to happen. So I told him he might want to lose the attitude. I’m pretty sure he did not expect or care for that!

To further my point I brought up Dearborn Michigan, and guess what? He said he spoke there, and once again, no problem there either. Instead of losing my cool like he was, I told him that freedom of speech is already being suffocated in Dearborn. Once again his temperature rose! “You cannot condemn all Muslims”. I responded with “sure I can”. “The Koran preaches hatred against all non-Muslims, and NO Muslim will condemn any verse of it.” “Have you read it?” Curtis said he had, so I told him he might want to reread it.

Besides his attempted comparison of Kosher stores and halal seeping in, this is where he completely showed me his ignorance. The “conservative” radio host he hit me with “what about the Old Testament” talking point. Saying it allows sex with 12 and 13 year-olds. I told he might want to read the New Testament, and that Jesus was the final message. Astonishingly he told me “that is your opinion”. Oh really genius? Then who is the final message of Christianity?

Romans 10:4:

For Christ is the end of the law for righteousness to everyone who believes.

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Angry and probably embarrassed for being factually humiliated in public, Curtis left me with the following “gem”: “There are millions of Muslims here who are loyal and patriotic!”. I said “whoa buddy, are sure you want to say that? I am going to quote you online.” In a Muslim ass kissing act of defiance he pointed down to the floor and said “quote me, your crazy!”. Childishly stompping away off to a ticket vending machine.

No Curtis, I have facts. Facts you obviously do not want to deal with. Maybe one day we can continue this discussion again without you stomping off. Anytime you want me to call in, just let me know….

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