NAI Debate #1: Christopher Logan vs London’s Hassan Mac

Debate London MuslimHello fellow infidels!

As many of you know I engage Muslims on a near daily basis. One of the reasons I do this is to show that their loyalty lies to Islam, over the non-Islamic countries they reside in. Most of the time this is done via Twitter, or Facebook.

While I get my point across on those social networks, I do want to expand to a larger audience. In an effort to do so I frequently challenge Muslims to radio debates. Unfortunately, most of the time they run and hide under their prayer rug!

Muslim prayer rug

So I will give credit to smooth talking Hassan for actually showing up, but from there you will hear he is just another double-talking Muslim who does not care about the wants and beliefs of non-Muslims….

I would also like to thank Team Trento for having me on. At times I felt like a debater constrained by time limits, but that is on me, and I will chalk that up to a learning experience. Cannot wait to expose the next traitor to Western Civilization!


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