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Exclusive ~ NY Building Covered With Pro-Islam Murals ~ Part 2

Good morning my friends, the other day I posted an exclusive article entitled “NY Building Covered With Pro-Islam Murals”. Today I wanted to do a little digging in an attempt to get some background information on the murals.

Exclusive ~ NY Building Covered With Pro-Islam Murals

For those new to the subject the threat of Islam is a two-tier threat. That first being the obvious threat of violent jihadists. The second being stealth jihad, or what I call insidious Islam. Which is a lawful Muslim movement…

Queens NY Library Promotes an Islamic Fantasy

Yesterday I met with a reader of Logan’s Warning who resides in Queens NY. Unfortunately what he had to show me was not good news. It was more of NY rolling out the red carpet of Islam. At lunch he handed me the latest piece of fictional literature.

Logan’s Warning Exclusive: NY Islamic “Community Center” Comes out of the Shadows!

Several months ago I passed by a common looking one-story building on Hillside Avenue Queens. It was just blocks from the Islamifying section of Jamaica Queens, and that day there were several Muslims taking a sign inside. Now we see it turns out to be an Islamic “community center”, and it has certainly come out of the shadows. In fact they are flying so many flags of Islam that it is hard not to notice the building anymore.

NY Islamic School: We are in an Un-Islamic Environment

Searching the Internet to further expose the internal threat of Islam, I found another Islamic school which is not happy with Muslims living in the “un-Islamic environment” of America. Other Mosques/schools that have echoed that call are in Philadelphia, and Houston. Ones in Buffalo and NJ have stated they have created their own Islamic environments. Like I have said, Muslims are not in non-Islamic countries to assimilate, they are in them to dominate.

NY: IDIOTS Firebomb Islamic Center ~ UPDATE in Comment Section

Now this is NOT the way to start off the new year in regards to the war with Islam! Yes Islam is at war with us, and smart infidels are at war with Islam in return. But when I say war, I do not mean a war of violence with Muslims in America. As idiotic violent actions like these attacks will only hurt us in the war with Islam. Islamic organizations like the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), are going to take this act and run with it as long as they can. Besides CAIR, Muslims already have the ear of US authority figures across the country. We do not need Islam to become more protected than it already is.

Queens NY: Razi School Creating More Slaves to Islam

Instead of teaching the children to assimilate, the Razi school is creating more slaves to Islam. Just like the El-Ber Islamic school in Astoria Queens is doing. As I have been saying Muslims are not here to assimilate, and that goes for ones who were born here as well. They are here to create a United Sharia of America, and the molding of the minds starts young.