If not the EDL, Then Who Will Save the UK From Islam?

During my Internet travels I see a lot of hatred being directed towards the English Defence League (EDL). Unfortunately much of it does not come from Muslims. It comes from suicidal stand for nothing multiculturalists. A group of non-Muslims who should be ashamed of themselves for not fighting for their future generations! What they need to face is the fact that if Muslims were not trying to take over and implement a barbaric set of religious laws on the UK, the EDL would not have even been formed. If you want to point fingers over the conflict, point them at the self centered backstabbing Muslims of the UK. Blaming the EDL is a cowardly cop-out. They are only defending life as they know it. I stand with the freedoms of Western Civilization. I stand with the Tommy Robinson and the EDL!

Hat tip to UKPrideMedia.



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